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Chapter Nineteen| Leona

The tension between Dario and I as we make our way up the lift to his penthouse is intense. I clutch the handles of the bag tightly and inhale a sharp breath when I feel Dario's hands lay on my hips as he stands behind me.

I gulp and continue to stare ahead. His hands squeeze a little and then I begin to feel his nose trail the back of my neck.

"You smell so good, princess." He groans and I feel as he presses his hard on against my bum.

Stay calm, Leona.

Stay in control.

The lift doors open and we both step out. I watch as Dario opens the door and I step in, smiling a little at the decorations.

I place the bag onto the kitchen table and make my way over to the fridge, pulling out a bottle of champagne. I take out two glasses from the cupboard and place them on the table.

"Allow me, baby." Dario whispers and takes the bottle. A loud pop echoes through the room and we both watch as the champagne begins to spill out of the top.

I watch as he clenches his jaw and stares at me.

I hold the glasses up towards him and he begins to pour the bubbly liquid into the expensive looking glasses. He places the bottle down and then takes one of the glasses from my hand.

We both take a sip, maintaining eye contact with one another. My eyes trail down his body and they widen a little when I see the bulge straining against his suit trousers.

I smirk and look back up at him to see he's already smirking.

I take the glass from him, grabbing the bag of goodies and lead us both to his bedroom.

He's holding back, I can feel it.

I close the door and watch as he sits on the edge of the bed.

"Undress." I tell him and he raises his eyebrows but complies with my instructions. I watch lustfully as he strips out of his suit until he's left in only his boxers. "Do you trust me?" I question him and he nods his head instantly.

"Shuffle to the top of the bed." He does. "Close your eyes." He does and I playfully roll my eyes when I see him trying to peek.

I go over to the bag and pull out the rope. I make my way over to him and grab his left wrist and tie it to the top of the headboard, doing the same with his right wrist.

He opens his eyes and I smirk down at him.

"I'm just waiting for this other guy to show up." I wink, joking around and watch as his face hardens and his jaw clenches. He begins to pull at the rope and his neck starts to turn red.

"I'm not having another man touch you, so tell him to fuck off." I raise my eyebrows.

"Who says he's touching me?" I giggle.

"Leona, stop playing." He grits his teeth and I laugh.

"I'm joking, it's just you and I." I lean down and kiss his lips.

I strip out of my satin dress to reveal my lace lingerie and stockings. "You like?" I ask him and he groans, clenching his eyes shut.

"You know I fucking do, baby." He rasps and I bite my lip, taking the wand vibrator out of the bag.

I switch it on and it begins to lowly buzz.

I trail it along Dario's body, making sure I keep looking at him. His breathing has increased and he's staring at me as I move the wand lower and lower until it's trailing the waistband of his boxers.

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