Chapter 16

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Hi guys! Thanks for reading this far. I know this story is getting more twists and characters thrown in. But I promise you, everything that happens here is necessary so you can really understand Pamela's character and the decisions she makes. So bear with her! xxx



"Pamela, James wants to see you." Lauren says.

"What. Why."

"How would I know?" Lauren says, turning around. "Go now."

I head to the elevator and head to the penthouse, where James' office has selfishly taken up the entire floor. Henry once gossiped that James likes to throw parties in here, where all the invitees are beautiful females.

The elevator door opens and a blonde girl looks up from her screen. "Ah, Pamela. James is expecting you. Just go through there."

I haven't been here before, so I also just found out how beautiful the place is. He's got himself the Central Park view, and on the other side, he can see Times Square. That lucky bastard.

I knock on his door, and James turns from his computer.

"You wanna see me?" I ask

He nods, "Have a seat, please."

I sit down.

"I want to talk to you about last night."

Oh, Christ.

"I feel that this must stop," he says, "It is very unprofessional. We cannot keep doing this."

"Well..." I exhale, "Maybe we should just stop talking to each other."

"Why, because I provoke the worst in you?"

"No. It isn't my worst, I was just expressing my opinion. You're just offended by it a lot."

"How could I not be offended? You called me self-centered in front of everyone!"

"Oh, not everyone. It was just Jane and a bunch of people from the office..." I grin.

He shows no expression.

"Look, I didn't mean to, okay," I say, "I never meant to embarass you in public. It's just that sometimes you say things that irritate me. I can't help not to say something..." I trail off, "But maybe you're right. I should shut the eff up and just let you say whatever you want. You are my boss' boss, after-all."

He pauses.

"Can I go now?" I ask

"The Board are talking about promoting you for Maya's position," he says.

I raise my eyebrows in surprise, "And then Maya would become what?"

"Maya is useless now, according to Jane," he says, "You seem to be better."

"How kind," I say, "But no thanks, I am not interested to have a position where someone would get mad at me."

"It's called career, Pamela. It happens."

"Yeah but I'm not like that. I prefer my life easy. I'm happy with my new title anyway. Happy with the raise, too. See, I'm wearing Loubutins," I stand up and walk back so James can see my shoes.

"Anyway," I say, "I should go now. I have a meeting, with Maya, in 10 minutes."

He didn't say anything, so I just walk out.

I really don't get James. I mean, I do admit sometimes I get a bit harsh, or I voice my opinion when I shouldn't, but he should just... strike back. Instead, he would look so angry and then we move on, up to the next day where we do it again. I try my best to avoid him, but ever since the success of William interview, Jane wants me to go to events or attend meetings where James is around.

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