Chapter Twenty Two

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"Im not slow Lauren, I already knew you were pregnant."

I looked up and stared in her eyes.

"The glow is just too strong."

"What am I going to do mama?"

"I cant judge you Lauren.. neither can I make a decision for you, you are a grown woman but I do think you should tell these men."

"Mama Marcus dont even know that I cheated."

"That doesnt matter, you need to let them know, whether you like it or not. Your baby needs a father."

"I know. ."

"Who is the other man anyway?"

I paused before I answered her question.

".. Evan"

My mother looked away for a moment.

"Okay.. I umm.. I dont know how or when your going to spill the beans but it needs to be done. Thats just my opinion, Im going to be by your side regardless."

"I understand mama.."

Through out brunch my mind was wondering everywhere. I was physically there but mentally I wasnt." All I could think about was how was I going to break this news."

After brunch my mother got up from the table to leave.

"Alright ladies, I enjoyed myself today but I should get back on the road. We should do this more often. I love you two and I'll be praying for you Lauren"

"Imma need it." I said as she paid the tab and gave us hugs before she strutted off, leaving us at the table.

I layed my head in my hands.

"You aight?" Stacy asked.

"Yeah.. "

"You sure?"

"Yes Im okay."

"Okay cause the last time I asked you that we ended up in the hospital."

Stacy and I got up to leave the resturant.

"Do you think my mama is right?" I asked Stacy as we hopped in the car heading back to my house.

"I do. You have to think, what if you were in their shoes."

"True, Im just torn between the two and the thought of their reaction is what Im worried about."

"Are you going to tell them together?"

"I dont know yet."

The whole 30 min drive to the house, my mother's words were ringing in my head..

You're baby needs a father.
You're baby needs a father.

Part of me wanted to tell but the other side wasnt ready. It was as if they were debating with each other. There are many women out there raising their kids without a father and doing just fine but the other side is saying, the love of a father is priceless, I grew up with my father in my life and he/she should know the feeling of having that.

I just didnt know what to do. How can something that feels so right, end up being so wrong.

I walked into my house alone because Stacy had to go run some errands. I slipped off my heels and got comfortable on the sofa. I wasnt in the house for a good three minutes when I got a text.

Evan: Good evening beautiful. 4:30pm
Me: Good evening Evan. 4:33pm
Evan: I want to see you. 4:36pm
Me: You just getting straight to it huh?" 4:38pm
Evan: Lol . Look outside. 4:42pm

I got up from the couch, walked to the window and pulled back the white curtains. I piered out the window and saw Evan standing in front of my house with two dozen roses. I walked away from the curtain and opened the door.

"Evan, what are you doing?"

"I came to see my baby." He said as he gripped my chin and placed a kiss on my cheek before he walked in.

I closed the door behind him.

"Are you serious Evan?"

"Yes Lauren. Listen I been thinking.. Im tired of sharing you with another man. Im selfish. I want you all to myself. I want to wake up beside you every morning. I want to hold you when youre feeling sad. I want to rub your feet when youve had a long day. I want you to be the mother of my seeds Lauren." I want to do all of this and more. I know its a little out of the blue but I got to have you Lauren.."

I opened my mouth to speak but before I could respond my phone started to ring.

I looked down at the caller ID and saw Marcus name on the screen.

"Its Marcus ." I said as I looked up at Evan.

He just looked at the floor as he grabbed his head..

"Hello?" I said turning my back toward Evan.

"Hey baby, I was calling to check on you. Hows your day going."

"Its going good, how about you."

"Thats good. Everythings the same on my end. I think we got the clintele to sign the papers so that means big money for us---."

As Marcus was explaining what was happened at work, Evan had walked up behind me and started laying kisses on my shoulders and neck. It felt so good that I didnt even realize Marcus had asked me a question."

"Lauren? Hello? Lauren?"

"Yeah, Im here .."

"I asked you what plans did you have today?"

"Oh nothing just the regular. Cooking and cleaning."

As Im talking with Marus, Evan has found his way to the zipper of my jumpsuit and unzipped it. My clothes fell to the floor. His kisses started from my toes and trailed all the way up.

"mmh.." I moaned as Evan held my leg up and  his lips brushed against my inner thigh.


I snapped out of my pleasure and realized Marcus was still on the phone when I started moaning.


I pulled my leg away from Evan when I heard Marcus calling my name.

"Lauren, what the hell are you doing?"


"You moaned. Why are you moaning?"

"Umm ..the truth.."

"Yeah I dont want a lie."

".. I umm .. I hit my toe on the table before you called and the moaning is from the stinging, it hurts soo bad. When are you coming home, I miss you."

"Umm.. Soon."

"Okay. Listen baby let me call you back."


We hung up.

I rubbed my face with my right hand.

Evan sat on the sofa laughing.

"You stomped your toe?"

"Shut the hell up Evan, it was the only thing I could think of." I said as I put back on my jumpsuit and zipped it up.

"You couldve said you were watching a sex video."

"Only you would say that."

"And you right. Why you getting dressed? Im just getting started."

"I cant do this Evan."

"Why not? We been doing it?"

"Because Evan.. "

"Because what?"

"Because Im pregnant." Slid off my lips before I realized the front door had swung open and Marcus stood in the doorway..

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