14| Do I love him?

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20th August 2017

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20th August 2017


I tossed and turned in my bed all night. I still couldn't believe it.

Stupid, Preeti. That was really stupid!

I just had my first kiss. A person's first kiss is meant to be special and I thought I did save it for... at least high school, but no. I just kissed a Parisian boy, whom I met a week ago.

This is unbelievable.

I laid on my back and stared at the ceiling of the room as I listened to the rhythmic sound of the rain, splattering the window. My hands subconsciously moved towards my face and I gently traced my lips, with my fingertips. The feeling of his lips on mine was still lingering a bit longer than I expected.

Why? Why did he kiss me? Why did I not push him away?

I grabbed the extra pillow, lying on my bed, and wrapped my arms around it, hoping that it would relieve me of this awkward feeling inside of me, somehow. I rolled onto my left side, and lifted my head, slightly to see Luka, curled up into a small ball like a baby snoring softly. I sighed and continued to stare at his beautiful sleeping form until my eyes felt heavy and I dozed off.


I woke up to the noise of our neighbors arguing about something, yet again. I pressed the pillow to my ears in an attempt to drown out the noises, but in vain. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around only to find the room empty.

Where is everyone?

I grabbed my phone from the desk and looked at the time.

7:00 AM

I groaned. Why were they up so early on a Sunday? I walked into the hallway and the whole house was awfully quiet. I shrugged it off and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth.


After putting on a pair of white jeans to match with my blue top, I proceeded down the stairs and saw Luka slip out through the main door, to the garden. I wanted to approach him and talk about last night, but my feet directed me away from him and into the kitchen.

When I entered the kitchen, I was mesmerized by the smell of coffee mixed with the delicious aroma of pancakes. I saw Abhishek standing at the kitchen counter, flipping over pancakes in the cooking pan.

"You know how to cook?", I asked as I approached him and he turned towards me. Abhishek wore a slightly irritated expression but it changed to a soft, friendly one as soon as he saw me.

"Good morning. And yes, I can cook."

Abhishek turned his attention back to the hot pancakes, while I went past him and sat on the counter, looking at him cook breakfast.

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