♕ Missing ❀

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"Alicia, I'm sorry." I said, wincing and expecting her to bug. I opened the door for her, allowing her to get in the car.

"Hakim, I'm busting my ass for you and you're not  appreciating it." She said calmly. Which is usually a bad sign.  Whenever she's calm she's usually really mad.

I had just bailed her out of jail with her money. Trinity and Avery didn't decide to press charges but they were banned from the club.

Boy was she pissed.

"Bye Ny. I'll text you." She said, opening the door for Niah as we dropped her off to the door.


I let Niah out and chatted with her at the door for a few.

"You gon get that n*gga right?" Niah asked curiously. We were both super uncomfortable, from being in a holding cell wearing those uncomfortable clothes we had worn last night from our performance.

"Hell yeah. Talk to you later baby." I hugged her and walked to the car. I was physically exhausted and I was sick and tired of Hakims crap.

"So babe, I'm so glad that you're not mad." Hakim said, trying to lighten up the mood.

"Yeah, I am very glad." I said, sarcastically. But he didn't know I had something in store for his ass.

We pulled up to the parking lot of the apartment building. I almost thought of not going through with it, but I was sick and tired.

I'm going through with it.

"Hakim, baby, I'm gonna need some private time in the bedroom okay?" I said, seductively. I walked in and changed my clothes then proceeded to pack his stuff. I needed some time for myself and living with another person was something I was just not used to. For God's sakes, he was only paying 25% of the rent.

I filled up 2 suitcases and wheeled them behind me. Hakim was sitting on the couch flipping through channels on the new TV I paid for.

"Hakim we need to talk. ASAP." I said sternly, plopping on the couch.

"Yeah?" He asked nervously.

"I'm putting you out. Not  permanently. But temporarily. I'll still see you and text you but living with you, it's not working out." I said. Wow. It felt so good to let that off my shoulders.

"Damn.. it's like that? Come on please?" Hakim begged. He looked heartbroken.

"I never said we were breaking up. I only said that I am not used to living with someone else, sleeping with someone else. I just want some alone time. I'm with you pretty much 24/7." I replied, glad that I was able to get it out to Hakim in the nicest way.

"I mean, I guess." He shrugged, looking down.

"You can go live with Jace or something." I consoled him by planting a kiss on his cheek.

"I'll call him." He groaned.

"Good idea." I said.

I went back into the room and sat down. I had work tomorrow.

Hakim came back in the room.

"Alicia, I'm sorry. Jace is coming to pick me up in 10 mins." Hakim said sadly.

"Its all good. I'll pick you up after your college class. I paid for that too."


"Thanks bro. I really needed this." I said to Jace. I was staying in his house temporarily because Alicia put me out. Lately, I've been feeling like she just starting not to like me as much as she did.

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