" voice-mail "

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I ain't heard from Savannah in almost a month now. Every time I go over her house, her dad tells me to leave and Regina backs him up. I just want to see her to sincerely apologize about what I did. It was a dumb and I don't even know what I was thinking. I miss her, honestly. I miss the sweet smell of her perfume, her soft skin, and the way her body fit perfectly in my arms. Her warm smile, and his caring she was. I just miss her whole entire being altogether.

I sat in the living room of my boy, Tevin's living room. The freestyle I had just recorded played loudly throughout the house while we passed a blunt back and forth between in each other. The room was hazy, though no matter how much I smoked, I couldn't get my mind off of her. I felt shitty for what I had done. The look of hurt on her face has been burned image on my brain. Tevin hit my leg, basically growing frustrated that I hadn't passed the blunt yet.

"Damn nigga." He grumbled. "Needed a hit that bad?"

"Hell yeah." I sighed. "I got a lot on my mind man."

"Well get the shit off ya chest man." He rested back against the sofa.

"First off--." I started.

The apartment door flew open and Kyla walked in with her screaming daughter on her hip. I rolled my eyes and Tevin shook his head. Somehow, him and Kyla were still together. It's so shocking because they both were cheating on each other. I thought they were done a year ago after Savannah let it out that Tevin was cheating on her. Obviously, I thought wrong. Kyla sat the baby on the floor and she crawled over to Tevin.

"Why wasn't there any money on the fucking card Tevin!?" She shouted. "I couldn't even buy Kadence any diapers."

I looked down at my feet, scratching the back of my head. I knew the exact reason there was no money on the card anymore. Tevin had took most of it out last night to go to the strip club. Kyla stood in front of him with her folded across her chest waiting for an answer. After awhile, Tevin looked up at her with a confessing look on his face. Kyla rolled her eyes, grabbed Kadence and went on to the back. Almost a few seconds later, Bre, Savannah's friend and Tevin's new side piece came in. Tevin huffed and stood up.

"I should've never gave you a fucking key." He said angrily. "If Kyla saw you in here, she'd fucking kill me!"

"Fuck her." Bre huffed. "I didn't even come to see you, I knew he would be here and I need to talk to him." She pointed to me.

"The fuck I do?" I raised an eyebrow.

"First off, you broke my friends heart." She rolled her eyes. "Jackass."

"Man, you don't even know what happened." I sucked my teeth.

"Oh I do know." She snapped. "You stick your little penis in your ex and Savannah caught you."

"Damn nigga." Tevin looked over at me. "You ain't tell me she walked in on y'all."

"Shut up." Bre hit the back of his head. "Anyways, like I said, you really are a jackass. Savannah really loved you."

"And I love her too." I put my head in my hands. "I'm just.. confused right now."

"You fucked up big time." Bre shook her head. "She's really hurt and I'll doubt she'll ever want to talk to you again, honestly."

"Ima keep trying anyway." I shrugged.

She rolled her eyes and her Tevin stepped outside. I sat back against the sofa and pulled my phone out of my pocket. I scrolled down my call log and finally found her name. I faintly smiled at the picture of her asleep on my chest that was set as her contact picture. I hit the number and listened to it ring and ring, and ring. Finally, it went to voice-mail.

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