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Note :

yesterday so many of u were angry because of ajay... So today.. There is only rikara 😉😉

Gauri cuts the call and turned to see Om... Who doubtfully looking at her

G: 😬😬

O: kon tha?

G: wo.. Wo.. Meri frnd tha..

O: achaa.. Girlfriend ya Boyfriend

G: g.. Girlfriend

O: OMG 😱

G: kya hua?

O: i thought you are a straight girl but

G: but..

O: but you are a LESBIAN..

G: haa 😳😲 kyaaaaaaaaaaaa?

Om controling his smile..

O: or else.. You are talking abt your marriage with tht girl na? Isliye i said like tht..

G: achaa.. (Crossing hands on chest) So Mr. Omkara singh Oberoi overheard a girl's conversation... Soo bad

O: 🙄 i didn't overheard.. U are the one who talks loudly thts too in the balcony of my room

G: 😬 hehe,.. Sorry now I'm going..

O: who is Ajay?

G: vo.. Vo..

O: kya vo vo...say it

G: he is my lover..

O: achaa.. Does your parents know..?

G: noo😳

O: ok.. Then I'll tell..

Gauri holds his hand..

G:*puppy face* pls omkaraji... I'll do whatever you want but don't tell this to them...

O: will you do whatever i want?

G: haa🙄

O: ok then massage my head...

Then she made him sit on a chair... And started pressing his head gently.. Om smiled lightly.. She saw this through mirror..

G pov: ooh.. Enjoying this very much na? Now I'll show u 😏

Gauri took powder.. And press the bottle... Whole powder fell on Om..

G: 😂😂😂😂😂

O: what havr you done?

G: ooh.. Didn't u understand let me do 1 more time..

Before she press the bottle he drag her  and hold her shoulders tightly... The he shaked his head.. Which cause the powder fell on her too...

O: how is it? 😏

G: u stupid..

She took pillow and started to beat him.. He also took pillow and started world war 3...till both pillows get tear🙄.. They looked eachother in I'll kill u wala look.. Tht time


They looked at door to see.. Pinky.. Who is standing shocked by seeing the condition of whole room... Then only rikara noticed the room and looked eachother then gulps

P:ye kya kardiya thum donom.

O&G (like KG kids) : pillow fight

Both looked eachother..

G: kardiya..

Immediately pinky hits on their forehead.. They pouts.

P: both of u need punishment.. Clean this room in 1 hr..

OG: 😲

By saying this pinky went... They cleaned the whole room in 1hr... And sat on bed..

O: felt too tired..

G: haa.. I'm feeling very energetic na 😒

O: don't strt again 🙄

G: hlo.. U were the one who started the fight..

O: haa.. I took powder and spread it on me itself na 😒

G: vo 😶

O: acha stp it.. Can we go for an outing..

G: 😍 yes..

O: but where?

G: beach..

O: why all are going to beach always 🙄

G: thn come we can go to canals 😒

O: 🤐 acha tk..beach fixed

G: yaay.. Thn wht are u waiting.. Lets go..

O: in this attire?

They looked at mirror to see their horror look..

G: 😬😬 hehe.. I'll change and come in 1 minute..

O: ok..

That's all for today 😬.. So how is this?

Precap : at beach

Wht will hpn there 😯?

And thank you for loving this ff 🤗

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