Chapter Two- A Realization and Some Shopping

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Remy's POV

"Well, I guess I should be going then."

Virgil left for the dining hall, leaving Remy alone in his room. He sighed and flopped on his bed, done with everyone around him. Except, he thought to himself, Emile. I haven't told them yet.

He got up and left his room, searching the castle for his best friend. He walked through the halls, passing by other servants and castle workers, asking if anyone knew where they were until finally someone told him they were out on the grounds putting up laundry to dry.

Walking out through the servants entrance to avoid running into his fathers, Remy slipped out onto the grounds and hurried down the path to the drying area. It was a small half circle of trees with lines and small hooks on them to hang fabric on so that they wouldn't mold or fly away.

There Remy found Emile, his best friend since they were little kids, hanging up some royal tablecloths. He remembered running around behind his father's backs with them, keeping their friendship a secret because 'princes are not friends with commoners.'

"Remy!" Emile's shout interrupted his thoughts.
They ran up to him and trapped him in a hug, dropping the cloth they'd been putting up on the ground.

"Hey Em," he hugged them back. "What pronouns today?" They held up their wrist, and Remy saw the green string that was tied there, signifying a he day. "Okay cool," he hugged him tight again. "So, I got to something to tell you babes."

"Oh? Well," He said. "Spill the tea." He grinned, shooting Remy's signature phrase at him for a change. Remy let out a small laugh, and smiled at Emile, who leaned up and kissed his cheek before going back to the laundry.

"So, you said you had news to tell me?" Emile said over his shoulder, hanging up the dropped tablecloth.

"Right, right, so um, I'm just gonna spit this out." He took a breath. "I'm engaged."

Emile spun on his heel.

"You're,,,what? How? When? Tell me everything!" He quickly hung up the tablecloth in his hands and then rushed over to Remy, pulling him down to the ground to sit with him.

"So this morning, I went down to breakfast right? And then out of nowhere my dads are all like 'oh Remy you're engaged' and they would BARELY tell me about how I'm marrying! I mean...I guess I'm gonna marry him, but maybe they could give a gay a little more warning next time jeez."

Emile stared at him while he explained. "Wow. That' Are you...okay with this? Like are you really gonna marry him?" Remy nodded. "I mean, it's not like there's anyone else right now. I wish they'd let you be my best ma- person, though. They're making me have Virgil as best man."

"I wish I could be your best person too." Emile took one of Remy's hands in his own.

"Do you think you'll be able to come?" Remy looked at his friend.

Emile looked back, determination clear in his eyes. "I'll find a way. There's no chance I'm missing my best friend's wedding!" Emile leaned over and hugged Remy tightly, Remy hugging him back.

Remy stayed there for a while, helping Emile with the linens and talking about this and that, whatever gossip was going around the royal castle and between the servants. Eventually Remy had to leave to avoid being caught, so he left Emile with another hug, and Emile went back to his work.

As Remy was walking back up the path to the castle, he began thinking about his friend. Gurl, I wish he could be in the wedding. That would be perfect. As the best person or...standing behind the altar.


Remy froze in his tracks as he realized.

I'm in love with my best friend and I'm supposed to be married in three weeks.

*Janus POV*

Janus sat and pretended to eat breakfast, but he wasn't hungry.
His dad set down his coffee and looked at Janus.
"Son," he said, "we've been invited to a ball."
How was there already another reason for a ball? There was one only a few weeks ago.
"What's it for?" he asked.
"Prince Remy is engaged to another prince. The royal family is throwing a ball to celebrate."
Janus nodded. "Ok."
"We'll also be staying at the palace for two weeks. I have some business matters to go over with the kings."
Two weeks? He's been to the palace numerous times of course, but never longer than for a day.
"Anyway, you should start packing, I'm going into town."
What the hell was he supposed to pack for staying at the palace for two weeks? What level of formal should he dress? How much would he be around the royal family?
Instead logically coming up with solutions for these questions, Janus packed everything that would fit in a reasonable amount of luggage to bring.
"Janus?" His dad called from downstairs.
"Yeah?" Janus went down and saw his dad bought a lot more than was necessary.
"So, I did a little shopping."
"A little?"
"Yes, and I got you this." He tossed a hat over to Janus. "I thought you'd like it. How's  your packing coming along?"
"Well, I'm going to start on mine now."
Janus turned to go back up to his room, but was interrupted.
"Jan? What the hell am I supposed to bring to the palace?"

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