Chapter 4

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Really short sorry

3 weeks later

Muichiro POV

Everyone is so boring here, meeting after meeting. The only think good about this world is her. I have to realize this feeling, I can't forget about this warmth. As I am walking back to my estate a tall guy stops me. I look up at him confused to why he has stoped me.

"Huh? Who are you?" I say nonchalantly

"It is me Muichiro!! Come on it is me Tengen." He says

"Oh yeah. Why are you here in my estate?" I say stoically

"Rengoku and that head butting kid are going going a mission. Your little demo-

"Where!!" I say.

"It is the Mugan Train. Why are you in a rush?" Tengen says.

"A simpleton like you would never understand." I say harshly

I run past him hoping to not miss the train. I can't believe they just took her. As I am running to my destination I see Tanjiro, that yellow haired kid and the mask wearing guy. My eyes widen when I realize they aren't going today. They seme to be training. The yellow haired kid is glaring at me intensely.

"Muichiro it is good to see you." Tanjiro says

"Where is your sister?" I say rather mean

"Oh..she is in the box I left under the tree." Tanjiro says

I nod and start walking away from them. While walking to the box Nezuko pops out. Nezuko hugs me suddenly. It's been a while sense I have felt this. I have a tiny memory of a boy who looked like me. We were so happy together, then we lost it all in one day.

"Nezuko how are you?" I say.

The yellow haired kid comes running at us with veins bulging out of his heads. Like always I stay stoic and still.

"Stop running on the flowers. People worked hard to planet those." I say nonchalantly

Nezuko as we are sitting sits on my lap. This seems to anger the kid more. I take a pebble from the ground and flick it at his head.

"It is rude to ruin other people's hard work." I say nonchalantly

"Owwwwie!!!! No fair no fair no fair!!" He shouts

Is this kid some sort of grown up baby? What is going on? I just wanted to say hi to Nezuko. I stand back leaving the area. What I didn't notice that Nezuko was in my haori. I blush after noticing her. I start walking by to my estate with a demon clinging to my back. Hopefully no one sees us, I would rather not explain why. Since then Nezuko has been ordered to stay at Shinobu's for the time being.

"Hey Nezuko?" I say.

"Hm." I hear her hum through the bamboo

"I missed you." I say quietly

She starts to hum in happiness, I can't help but crack a smile. So this is what love feels like? I never knew it could be so wonderful. I open up the door and Nezuko hops off of my back. My smile fades once I see the others coming. Meaning her brother and friends. I sigh in annoyance to the impeding doom awaiting me.

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