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Not even bothering to put a warning. if you're reading this you know what you're doing lol

ALL the imagines are mine.

I also post them on Instagram at @drewsimagines.


your Pov:

"come here" Justin says, putting his arm around your shoulders as you get closer to him, wrapping your arms around his torso as he waits for the cashier to scan the items.

* * *

"thank you Justin for buying me these tops, not that I couldn't afford them myself" you laugh, rolling your eyes, walking out of the store hands in hands. Justin holding the bag for you.

"you're welcome" he replied with a sarcastic but playful tone.

you start to look around other shops. after a while walking around in the mall you both start feeling hungry, walking to the elevator, deciding you'd go to the 2nd floor to eat McDonalds.

you're standing, waiting for the doors to open, Justin puts his arm around you, giving you a sweet kiss on the cheek . you look up at him and smile.

"I love you" Justin whispers in your ear.
you blush lightly, smiling, before responding "I love you too Justin"
the doors open and you walk in. no one else was in the elevator, it was only you and Justin.

"have I ever told you you looked good in that purple dress? because you do" Justin whispered in your ears, smirking, making you blush and giggle a bit.

leaning agaist the elevator's wall Justin gives a quick kiss on your nose, making you giggle.

"what was that f-" you got cut off by a big


"what was that? what the fuck was that! we can't be stuck here please! you know how much claustrophobic I am. shit (y/n)!" Justin almost scream, like you were standing fare from him. he was going completely crazy.

"shush! Justin shush! it's okay there gonna take us out of here" you try comforting him, pulling him into a hug and gently caressing his cheek and playing a bit with his hair. When he had calmed down a bit you pulled away and grabbed the strange telephone that was in the elevator.
you called for help and the man on the other side of the line told you you were gonna be helped out in half an hour.

you went back to hug Justin, trying to sound comforting, telling him you guys would be out in half an hour.
when you pull away, he seemed completely okay, he even had a creepy smile on his face.

"what's up with you Justin? I don't like that face!" you truthfully say to him.

"nothing, nothing" he whispers while approaching you, and before you knew, he was kissing your neck, sucking on your sweet spot making you weak, moving his hands up your dress at the same time. you close your eyes in pleasure but reopen them as soon as you realized....

"Justin! stop it! there's a camera in there!" you say, pushing him off of you.

"it probably doesn't even work anyway.. now where were we..." he says, cupping your cheek with his hand and leaning to kiss you.

"no!no, Justin I mean it, what if people are watching?"

"listen, if it does work nobody's gonna be sitting there watching it anyway" he says before going back to his work, kissing your neck, teasing your slit through your panties, under your dress.

you pull your head back so you can kiss him hardly on the lips. you lick his bottom lips asking for entrance.

Justin pulled away laughing.

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