Amsal's pov

I came out from the bathroom wear my bathrobe and started to un pack main things! Firstly my love ! My cosmetics ! I set my dressing table ! Then i headed towards to my suitcase i hanger my all fancy clothes ! And fold my all casual clothes and put them neatly in my drawers ! Then i choose a simple black tank top and a royal blue button up shirt with pure blue jeans ! I dried my hair and let them open ! I wore my glasses ! And headed out of the house with ruksana !

We are going roaming a lil around so we didn't drive we were walking ! I saw starbucks and ask ruksana if she wants to eat aur wanna drinking something she wants a hot chocolate ! So go up to the counter and place our order ! Its hot chocolate and a hot black coffee ! Now i was waiting for my order! Then she loudly annouced my name ! Amsal subhani ! And some persons turned to look at the counter ! I smiled coz right now i'm not Amsal Subhani ! This time i just wanted to amzy ! Yeah amzy ! My nick my family and friends only call me by this name ! I walked towards the counter and picking  my orders then the counter girl ask for a selfie ! How can i say ! I smiled and she took our selfie ! Then i said her buy ! And indicate ruksana with my hands to lets go ! She noded and started walking behind me !

I wore my glasses back ! And while opening the door my phone rang i picked the call its from my mom ! I started to talk to her then i bumped into some one !

Shehry's pov !

I needed some air ! Fresh air ! I wore my white upper and headed out ! I closed the door carefully so no one where i am ! I started walking i was still thinking about them ! I was going towards the starbucks ! I was texting hussain that i'm out of the house ! Then i bumped in some one !

"Aahhhhh ! " i screamed a lil coz her coffe spilled on me ! And wow my fav white upper is a mess now ! My mobile fell from my hand and her also ! I sat to pick up my phone !

Amsal's pov

I felt really sorry for him but my phone fell from my ear too ! I sat down to pick my phone up ! But then again like last night i feel butterflies in my stomach !

Dil kyun tou phr se bagawat kr raha hai ? Kyun uski trafa nazar uthane ka keh raha hai ? Kyun mera dil kr raha hai k ye waqt yahin tehar jaye ? Kia hai mera aur iska rishta ? Kyun ? Ek dafa nazren utha k dekh leti hun !

I upper my gaze to see who is he ? Then he upper his gaze too ! His dark brown eyes met my eyes! I want this moment to freeze right here ! But my luck is no strong ! His black perfectly styled hair ! I perfect jawline ! And dressing wallahhhhh !!!! I pick his phone to ! We were standing slowly while looking at each others eyes!

Shehry's pov

She was looking intensively in my eyes! I can't help my self but stare back into her eyes! Why i'm seeing pain in her eyes? Why? Then i remember what happened today in the morning ! My anger was coming back !

Mjhe mauf krdena tm magar bura bna pare ga apne bhai k liye mjhe !

"Give me my phone back you wierdo ! " i shouted coz yeah m a good actor ! And as i was expected she yell back at me !

" watch where you going you morron ! " her eyes now filled with anger

"Ohhh achaaw? You were talking on your phone with your boyfriend ! You bumped into me ! " i yell back to her ! She looked back at me with the eyes full of pains ! And her eyes started to pool up !

Mat rou ! Tmhen routa dekh mera dil tut raha hai tm nahi janti kis trha se ! Kitni himmat laya hun ye sb bolne k liye ! Magr boyfriend pe hi kyun royi ? Kuch masla hai ! Magr kia? Yar mera masla nahi ! But i hurt her ! Should i say sorry naaaahhhh hero bn jaye ga ! But a lil arrogent and rude !

Then suddenly she stomp on my feet and went away ! I was shocked ! But now i really hate her by the way she tricked me ! And not even said a single sorry ! Sariyall !

Amsal's pov

I was feeling sorry for him ! But when he yell on me about my boyfriend i was hurt ! My heart broke in many pieces ! My eyes started to pool up! When i saw his face he was just looking rude so i take my revenge back i stomp on his feet and walk away ! I was feeling so hurt !

Me and ruksana headed back to our home ! I ran in my room ! I started to cry my heart out ! Then i open my bag i took the blade out of it ! And start to make a scar on my left hand ! I whimpered i lil ! But i was then okay ! Its just a scar !

Zayan ye main ne tmhare liye nahi mara ! Ye main ne us k liye mara jisne mjhe tmhari yad dilayi ! Kyun purane zakhamon main dard ho rahi hai

I went up to my bed ! Took the frame of me and Zayyan and slept like i never did !

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