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2:35 am

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2:35 am

I was sure that was what the time said on the wall clock across from my bed. My eyes, though drowsy and forlorn with sleep, could clearly capture the highlighted digits perfectly.

I strained my neck to peep at my phone that lay on the bedside table, its constant ring resonating in my quiet apartment and illuminating the darkness that I relished in. I wondered who in god's name would be calling me at such an ungodly hour, waking me from my beauty sleep that had only lasted over a few hours.

I grappled for it, bringing the phone closer so I could read the caller ID clearly, in a case where I might've imagined it.


I blinked repeatedly until my eyes were clear, rubbing my sore one with the back of my knuckle as I sat up. It was rather unusual that Liam would call at this time or at all, seeing as he always sent me brief messages like come, I'll be at the usual place and meet me now.

I answered, bringing the phone to my ear eagerly, "hello?"

"I'm right outside your apartment door" was all he said before cutting the call off. The balls of this guy. I figured a long time ago—should be about five months now—that he was quite comfortable now that he had a certain amount of control over me.

He knew how much I craved our subsequent trysts and never seized to be as nonchalant and as annoying as ever. But who was I to complain, I always got out of my way to please the bastard because, in turn, he gave me the pleasure I desired

I was up now, my feet shuffling against the cold hard floor as I made my way to the door, flinging it open. I stared at the man who stood across the threshold, his brown curls falling ever so slightly over his taunted brows, his expression stoic and his hands buried in the pockets of his pants.

He wore a blue three-piece suit, his lapels straightened and smooth like it'd been ironed just before he'd arrived. His loafers shone a reflection of whatever he stood before, now being my bare feet.

I stepped aside for him to enter, shutting the door as he took quick strides inside like he was running from something that lingered in the hallway. I turn to him now, his tall frame towering over mine as we both stand in the middle of the living room.

"And to what do I owe this visit, Liam?" I fold my arms, feigning annoyance whilst I try to temper the giddiness that riles up within my body at the sight of him.

"I need a drink," he says, turning away from me and heading towards my wine cabinet where I keep my stash of alcohol assortments, "I'll give you an explanation after I've had my fill"

I arch my brow at his audacity, watching as he pours himself a glass of my favorite Johnny walker edition, I whisper soothing words to calm myself. He takes a full gulp of the liquor before setting the cup aside and taking a swig from the bottle.

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