Chapter 31- Plane to Paris

Blurriness filled my eyes when I open them to find worry faces hovering above me. Events rush back in my head: the meeting, fight, blood...fainting. Oh no! Blood!

“Harry?” I said, my voice croak since my throat is dry.

“Shh...he's in his dressing room.The whole entire building is blocked by fans, the security is working on it.” Paul informs me.

My head is pounding and all I can think about is Harry. How badly is he hurt? Is he okay? “What about Ryan and Caroline?” I ask.

“They left with what they got here for.” Zayn said sadly.

My lips form a tight line, processing Zayn's words. They came here to ruin me, so I guess they got enough.

In the end, Ryan always win. “Ryan always win.” I repeat out loud, just for the sake of my own ears needing to hear the reality of this situation.

“It's okay, we're here.” Louis pulled me off from the ground and gave me his signature bone crashing hug.

“No matter what happens.” Liam pats my back comfortingly.

“Let's just ignore the media, and focus on what's positive, ok? Like Louis's wedding.” Zayn got up and kiss me on the cheek, wiping away a tear streaming down my face.

“Okay.” I mutter and got up.

Hopefully, I can muster enough courage to ignore the media and their hateful comments. If it wasn't me in the situation and I've been giving the same information as the media, I would have bashed Harry as well. But I'm not some normal girl. I was the girl who hated One Direction while everyone loved them. I was the girl who stole One Direction's heart. I am Harry Style's girlfriend. Some might say this is a dream, but in reality, all dreams can be nightmares as well. Especially when your life is suddenly exposed raw to the world.

“Harry!” I sob when I saw his purple and gray bruise under his eye, scratch jaw, bloody nose, and a cast on his arm.

“Oh my god, he did this to you?” I rush to his side, examining the damage.

“Just give me a kiss and I'll be fine.” He looks up at me with the cutest expression ever.

“Fine, just one kiss.” I roll my eyes and peck him.

“Feel better?” Harry stoke his chin with his undamaged hand, pretending to think although I already knew his answer. “One more.”

Oh, how do I refuse to that puppy dog face? I kiss him one more time. He pull me onto his lap and our kiss turn deeper. “Get a room!” Lou, who has been nursing Harry, threw a pillow at us and I stick my tongue out at her.

I need to forget about Ryan Flack and ignore the rumors and focus on the truth: I love One Direction and I can't imagine living without these obnoxious, hilarious, sweet, comforting, pigs, and loving boys.

“PARIS! Here we come!” Louis screams, shaking his legs in the air.

The flight attendant glared at him for creating such a ruckus. However, when she noticed who he is, she swoon and bash her eyelashes. Wow, another fan girl. Two weeks, five hours, and 23 minutes of ignoring the constant comments from the community about me and just enjoying the rest of my time with these guys before they go on tour. I thought the news would have died them by now but I guessed I was wrong.

“You're Annabelle Stevens, right?” The flight attendant squint at me judgmentally.

“Yes, why?” I ask anyways although I already knew what she is going to ask.

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