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Chapter Eighteen| Leona

I stumble through the door to Dario's apartment with the large box that has his birthday cake in. I look around and smile at all the black and gold balloons that are around his home.

He's still asleep. I woke up at five this morning to make sure everything was ready for when he woke up.

I ordered breakfast for us because I couldn't be bothered to cook. I hope he'll be happy with the present I got him as well, it probably won't be much for him considering he could buy anything he wanted anyway.

"Princess?!" I hear Dario call out and watch as he rushes out of his bedroom. He comes to a stop and looks around his home with wide eyes.

He continues to stare at all the balloons and decorations. I even managed to get a massive forty balloon, emphasising his age.

"Baby." He whispers in shock and I grin.

"Do you like it?" I question, clasping my hand together in front of me as I wait for his answer.

"I-I....No-one has ever done anything like this for me before." My eyebrows furrow.

"Not even when you were a child? Your parents didn't do anything like this for you?" I ask and he shakes his head.

That's so sad.

"Thank you, princess." He whispers, pulling me into a tight hug. "It means a lot." I bite my lip as he continues to thank me over and over again.

Who would of thought a man who is a billionaire would be thanking me over some small decorations that cost me no more than ten pounds?

I pull away and smile up at him. "I've got some stuff planned for you, today. I bought us breakfast." I grab his hand and lead us to the kitchen island. I plate everything up as he continues to stare at me in what looks to be admiration.

"What time did you get up?" He questions as he takes a bite out of his food.

"About five." I shrug and he nearly chokes on his eggs.

"Princess, you really didn't have to do all this. I'm more than happy to watch films with you all day." He whispers, grabbing hold of my hand and I roll my eyes, smiling a little.

"Please, I want to treat you okay." I tell him.

The fact that he's never celebrated his birthday before makes me feel sorry for him. It makes me question how unhappy he actually is under all his money and confidence.

"So what are we doing?" He asks and I smile in excitement.

"Well I haven't really got much planned for the day, it's more for..... the evening." I wink and I watch as his eyes darken.

"Well we better get on with our day then." He claps and I grin.


"I really appreciate today, princess." Dario thanks me as we sit in a cute little Italian restaurant for dinner.

He's sat next to me as he caresses the back of my hand with his thumb.

We spent the whole day enjoying each others company and I can't wait for what I have planned later tonight.

"So I got you something. You probably won't think it's much but I thought it was quite sentimental." I whisper shyly, handing him the small Tom Ford gift bag.

He takes it from me and I watch nervously as he takes the small box out of the bag and opens it with wide eyes.

"If you've already got it, it's okay. I've still got the receipt, I can take it back..."

Dario cuts off my rambling by grabbing my face with his hand and smashing his lips on mine.

"I fucking love.....it." He smiles as he pulls away and I smile.

"Really?" I question in excitement. "I was so nervous to give it to you because I was unsure on what you'd like."

"It's my first present." My heart drops at his words.

"You didn't even get any presents?" I whisper in shock and he shakes his head, scoffing. 

"Parents were never around. They missed my birthdays, Christmas, everything. They would always be on business trips so they'd give me a card with money but what was a five year old suppose to do with one thousand pounds." He chuckles and I look at him with sympathy.

"I'm sorry." I say and he shrugs, staring at the watch.

"Not your fault my parents were neglectful." He smirks and I sigh, tilting my head. "Thank you, princess. This means a lot to me, you have no idea." He kisses my hand and my face heats up.

I stare into his deep brown eyes and reach up to caress his neatly trimmed beard. He smiles gently and my heart flutters at how cute he looks right now.

"I am honoured that I am the first person to ever give you a present." Dario chuckles at me.

"I will cherish this present for the rest of life, don't you worry." He winks and I lightly giggle.

Then I remember the other bag that is sat next to me on the floor.

I gulp and then reach for the other bag which is slightly bigger than the first one I gave to him.

"Just take a peek through this bag, don't take anything out of it. You can do that back at home." Dario furrows his eyebrows but takes the bag and looks inside.

"Fuck." I hear him mutter under his breath. He hands me back the bag and I watch as he readjusts himself in his suit trousers. "You trying to kill me, princess?" He grits his teeth and I smirk.

"I quickly got them when you went into that shop, earlier." I tell him and he slowly nods his head.

"All that stuff you've bought, baby. You really dont know what you're getting yourself into tonight." He says in his deep voice and I clench my legs together.

"Let's get back to your place then." I lean forward and smirk.

"Let's do just that, babygirl."

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