Papa Tunde's Blade

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My teeth were out and I looked like I would become a wolf right there, right now. But someone grabbed onto me and vamp sped me away. "Control yourself, I would have thought better of you."

I looked up to see a man in a suit, cleaning his hands that had blood in them.


"Elijah?" I questioned, as I thought he was still in Mystic Falls. He turned confirming my suspicions.

"Hello, Sophia" he replied sweetly. "I heard that you and Niklaus were coming to New Orleans, and you know me I had to keep you out of trouble," he said with a small chuckle.

"He killed her Eli," I glanced up to him "Nik let him Kill her" a tear falling from my eye.

"Sophia, Niklaus didn't know and he couldn't have done anything about it," Elijah said kneeling down beside me, pulling me into a hug.

"Why are you defending him, he knew she was my friend, he let Marcel do it anyway" I pulled away from Elijah's embrace. "I just want to go back to the hotel."

"Ok if that's what you want, but I still need to speak to Niklaus" I nodded at my older brother. He glanced behind me, eyes on something.

I turned to see Marcel and his little group of vampires. "Marcellus, how can I help you" Elijah spat bitterly at the younger vampire.

"Well, you have something I want, and she needs to be dead," Marcel said looking at me "she used witchcraft, which is strictly banned here"

"Well I'm not from here and that means I don't need to follow anyone's rules," I said sweetly looking him in the eye.

"Elijah Mikaelson, hand over the girl," Marcel said taking a step towards me, at this moment I realized that no one knew that I was a Mikaelson, nor that was a tribrid.

"Why should I, she is useful to me" Elijah challenged stepping in front of me, I couldn't help but smirk.

"Well if you're not going to listen to me, you might listen to someone else." He stepped aside revealing Klaus. I couldn't help it and I started bursting out laughing. "What is so funny, Niklaus Mikaelson, 1,000-year-old Original Hybrid"

"Why should I be scared or something," I said waving my hand at Nik, which earnt and snicker from Elijah and a large growl from Klaus.

Klaus then proceeded to vamp speed over to me and shoved Papa Tunde's blade into my heart "Sorry Little sister" he mumbled as I fell to the floor desiccated. It must have been in white oak ash, I shouldn't have desiccated.


I watched in horror as she took her last breath "why is she desiccating?" Marcel asked with a confused look on his face.

"She must be a heretic," Niklaus said not daring to look at her. "Elijah I want you to take her to my hotel room, I want to know what she is" I just nodded at him and picked her up.

I held her tightly as I vamp sped away. Once I got to the hotel I saw a coffin waiting in the middle of the room. I placed her in and waited for Niklaus to get back, two Hybrids walked in and shut to the lid.

"Klaus is coming, we are going back to Mystic Falls," One of the Hybrids said "We need to take her to the van if you don't mind" he carried on. I took my hand away from her.

"Hahaha that was awesome Klaus, you know where I get my tricks from now don't you" Marcel said walking into the room. "Why is there all this girl stuff ?"

"I had some girls here that's all, we're heading back to mystic falls, care to join?" Klaus questioned.

"Rebekah will be there" I said making my presence known. Klaus gave me a dirty look "there is also a pageant so you can pick a girl to come"

"Ok let's go" Marcel said a smirk forming on his face. "Call Davina, tell her we're going on a trip"


I woke up with an un-imaginable amount of pain, the blade still in my heart. My eyes began to open, and I tried to fight the pain.

I looked around and all I saw was black. Moving my arm, I dug my hand in my chest searching for the source of my pain when my arm hit a wall.

Where the hell was I, I pulled out the blade and went to sit up. I hit my head on something hard.

"Phasmatos Incendia" I whispered to my self, forming a small amount of fire in my hand. I realised I was in a small area.

There was a lid over the top of me and I was lying down. I tried to open the lid to find it sealed, by magic.

Pulling out my phone I text Caroline,

Hi Caroline, how long till we meet up
to get the dress for the Miss
Mystic Pageant? x😁

Omg, hi Sophia erm we are
going to get our dresses tomorrow
is everything ok? 😘

Not really, Niklaus
put me in a coffin so I kinda need some
help getting out I can take the spell
of but I won't have enough energy to
brake the lock x 😢

Ok Klaus is in town anyway with
this guy called Marcel and a witch
called Davina. I will get to your house
and get you out see
you in 10 x 🤗

Ok see you care and as a treat
I'll buy the dresses tomorrow and tonight
we can go out and party with
Nik's bank card x 🥳

Once I siphoned the coffin I heard the lock being unlocked, Caroline's face had a smirk on it and she looked so exited.

"Klaus isn't here so we can get ready here, there is a new club in the town over." She said helping me out of the box.

"Ok let me get a shower then we can get ready." I paused looking a Caroline "do you have dress?"

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