21. Hall of The Ball - 2

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"Father?" Yoongi furrowed.

Hearing the word from Yoongi, the girls got confused. "Father?" Areum whispered to Jin. He put his finger on his lips to tell her not to speak anything.

Min Hyung Sik is the only person who has the ability to possess a living person; the power to possess the dead has been mastered by many people though.

"What if I say I don't want to?" Yoongi said with a wicked grin.

"Did I gave you any choice?" He said with a bitter voice. "It's an order of a Commander, Yoongi. Don't disgrace the name of the family in front of Royals." His voice was demanding. Yoongi gritted his teeth in annoyance. For him, he was always Commander-in-chief, he never was an actual father, the one every child wished for.

"I don't take orders from Commander, I'm not a soldier, " he seethed. "If I'm coming there so will Jin and Taehyung" Yoongi said in a stern voice.

"You know very well they can't sit with us. Now come here or you know your precious friends can be in danger," his father spoke through Hoseok.

"What will you do? Huh? Kill them? You can try but then don't expect me to stay silent about your dirty little secret forever." He said in provoking voice. A sly smile played on his lips as he stood up and went close to his face, looking straight into his eyes, "And to be honest I want to see how the King will handle you when he will come to know about your other two sons. Let's see then who will bring disgrace to the family in front of Royals and everyone else" Yoongi spat back in a very calm and smooth voice.

No one had seen this side of him not even Jin and Taehyung.

His eyes softened at Yoongi, "Alright, bring them as well. If someone asks, I'll just say you are joined at hips with your friends" was the last thing he said before leaving Hoseok's body. His eyes returned to the original color before he bowed to Yoongi and turned to leave. 

Yoongi extended his arm to Areum and she looked at him puzzled. "Let's go" he said softly.

She grabbed his arm standing up like a lady with grace, "Look at you, acting like a gentleman".

"I am a gentleman "He smiled a little and looked at others who were still seated, "What are you all waiting for...Let's go"

They followed along with girls holding onto their arms. However, Taehyung was reluctant to go but he didn't want to attract any negative attention from the other guests so he followed. As they reached the front area, Yoongi exchanged glances with his father and he smiled hoping for Yoongi to smile back but he didn't. Upon noticing his mother looking at him with a warm smile he couldn't help but smile back. Although he blamed her several times for not standing up for the right and stop her husband from doing heinous things, she wasn't as bad as her husband.

He sat beside Yoona and flashed his gummy smile at her, "How is my sister?" He ruffled her hair.

"Don't ruin my hair, I've styled it", she protested with a giggle but upon seeing Areum she sneered at her. Areum couldn't help but roll her eyes.

Jin with Yuri and Taehyung with Saeyon settled down after them.

Guests and the noble families raised a roast to the King and wishing for the well being of their kingdom.

"Is she your partner Yoongi?" Hyung Sik said pointing to Areum sitting next to Yoongi. He rose his eyebrow in confusion. It was the first time ever that he was concerned about his partner. His all focus was on Areum and she started to get a little uncomfortable by his stare. His eyes traveled from below her neck to her face as if searching for something. At this moment she was truly thankful to Yoongi for rejecting all those revealing dresses.

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