"Group information by corporation,” he ordered. An activated skin caused the planet to grow and then a series of skyscrapers sprouted out of the planet's surface. The buildings sprouted out of their headquartered location on Rodia. “SKYE.”

Skywalker Enterpises’ skyscraper grew until it was slightly greater than Til’trius’ avatar’s height. Then a cross-section slid open like a door. Each floor was a drawer, and referenced a specific item in SKYE’s resources or operations.

Til’trius reached out and pulled on the drawer entitled “Corporate facilities,” which caused a wave of pixelated sand to rush out onto the floor from the building. The drawer and skyscraper disappeared, while buildings and infrastructures rose up like sandcastles from the ground. Til’trius found this display of data confusing and so he called for a portfolio skin. The castles evaporated and a book appeared in Til’trius’ hands.

“Only include corporate buildings with administrative employees of 100 or more,” he directed. The book shrunk in size, and then Til’trius opened the book. A pop-up representation of a field support building lifted from the pages.

“Compile me a list of contact information for all high-level and IT SKYE personnel at these locations that are not based at SKYE’s headquarters.” They might be able to provide him valuable intel about SKYE’s network, its security features, and how something like the terrorist takeover could have happened.

“Also, study SKYE HQ’s network and provide a list of possible exploits. Show me which are available in CED’s resources, and which others I might purchase.”

Til’trius flipped a few pages and SKYE HQ popped up. He selected the SKYE HQ and the pop-up art floated away from the page. Til’trius waved his hand and the book disappeared.

“Give me a basic 3D blueprint of the HQ,” he directed. Lines shot around him, creating a blue wireframe of the set of buildings comprising the SKYE HQ around him.

“Display any current thermal readings from within the building if possible.” None appeared. “Is this resource inaccessible or unavailable?”

The word “unavailable” flashed all along the blue wireframe walls. Curses. The terrorists must have turned them off. They are increasingly more sophisticated than I presumed. He hoped he could still crack their system to see surveillance footage, or access logs for door openings and make reasonable inferences about the location of the hostages and terrorists.

He knew enough of Rodian physiology to consider useful tricks he could employ with SKYE HQ’s resources. The problem was that none of them were totally effective.

He could create a strobing effect on the monitors that created seizures in a sizable portion of the Rodian populace. But what to do with those impervious to its effects? And how could he guarantee all the terrorist Rodians would look at the screens? The Rodians could turn the monitors off, cutting the power if necessary, and the monitors would have no effect on the mining droids. Krul, or his successor, might retaliate with the mass execution of hostages. This was a poor, half-brained idea.

He could use an acoustic emission in the complex’s sound system to disorient the Rodians. The wavelength of the sound would only be detected by their auditory organs and not the human hostages. Then he could try to electronically release the doors and have the hostages make a run for it.

Here again, the droids presented a problem. Plus, the disorientation would only last until the Rodians covered their ears, or destroyed the loud speakers. In addition, would the hostages even recognize the opportunity to escape? And what of the few remaining Rodian hostages? This might bar their escape. This wasn't a good approach either.

He heard a buzz, indicating an incoming transmission.

“Identify,” Til'trius commanded.

A statue of a human, a Republic navy officer materialized in front of him, and slowly rotated around. Commodore Tarkin. It had been a while.

“Save this state.” Til’trius waved his hands and the wireframe structure around him shrunk into a small cube and winked out. “Receive the call.” It patched through.

“Commodore Tarkin, to what do I owe the pleasure?”

“Your escapades have not gone unnoticed, Lieutenant. They’ve been circulating throughout the holonet, and among your superiors...”

He gulped. The CED had given him a long leash, but had he'd reached its limit? He feared his decision today might have long term repercussions. But why would Tarkin, a spacer officer, be sent to give the news?

“As amusing as your cyberattack was, and I mean that in all seriousness -- making Krul look like the demon Uvitaro was superb -- I can’t say the laughs were worth the outcome. Nice style, poor execution.”

“I’m working right now to correct my lack of foresight, sir. I’ve already--”

“Stop whatever you are trying to accomplish, Lieutenant.” They were going to shut down his work. Temporarily or permanently? At least I'll get back to tending to mother.

“I had to do something,” Til’trius said defensively. “Sir, we can’t let those terrorists execute the Skywalkers and all the--”

“No, we can’t.” Wait; he agrees with me? “And that is why you are summoned to join a wider-scale operation, in which your cooperation might help your recent escapades get overlooked. I've just sent you the details. You will report to Commander Ben Kenobi at once, as yourself for a change. Don't screw up this time, Lieutenant."

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