"Where is Adora anyways?" I asked slowly trailing behind the two. We heard a noise behind us making the three of us turn around. There she was, although no longer in her normal form. Adora was now She-Ra. 

"Are you gonna be She-Ra the entire time?" Glimmer asks in a small annoyed tone of voice. She-Ra went on about how the queen told her to so that people would like her better. I mean, I guess it makes sense, but aren't people destined to find out anyways? 

"Besides, could Adora do this?" She-Ra asked while lifting up an entire wagon with one arm. Glimmer didn't look too impressed. "It's kind of hot though" I muttered/whispered, but I guess I wasn't quiet enough. Bow just looked at me, and I looked at She-Ra, who had a small blush planted across her face. Glimmer just turned around and started walking off alone, of course, Bow followed. She-ra placed down the wagon, I signalled her to continue on as well. We caught up with the two of them and continued on our journey to Plumeria. 

"Um, guys...what's that?" Bow said while stopping, his voice was worried sounding too. I look up to see what he was pointing at, it appears to be some sort of smoke in the sky? We brought up some ideas of what it could be, most likely it's from the horde camp. I was very wary of what would happen, I mean, I am the only one here without a cool weapon or some sort of self-defence. I have my body, and I am a pretty good fighter, but it's not the same as magic or sharp items. I should honestly start carrying something in my pocket, like a small knife. 

I see Perfuma in the distance, I hurry up, almost running towards her. "Hey~ gorgeous" I flirtatiously say to her, gaining a slap on the hand by Glimmer. "That burns" I hiss at her, retreating and standing beside She-Ra. Once Perfuma caught an eye on She-ra, she flipped out. Everyone started to cheer and celebrate how She-Ra has returned to save them. I could see the fear and confusion in her eyes as she started getting handed food, flowers, and even a child? Seriously, who would just hand away a baby? This celebration went on for what felt like hours, it was really loud here too. I decided to back off and find a spot to sit. I found a nice spot away from all the action, it was a small log that has fallen onto the ground between some trees. It made a nice bench at least. I sat there watching She-Ra from the distance while getting lost in my own thoughts. 

Another explosion goes off, leaving all the people in fear once again. I shot up from my seat, looking around for the smoke. Even more of the flowers start to die, including the ones that some people were wearing. I run over to the group after hearing Plumeria call out that something really bad has happened. We follow her to the heart blossom, which was now dying quickly. "This can't be good" I stated while being worried, I could feel my heartbeat at this point. "Please She-Ra, heal our land" They all bagged. I could see the worried look on her face, she doesn't fully know her capabilities yet, nor does she know how to heal yet. She tried, but it didn't work, I felt bad. I know that she wanted to help. She turned back into Adora, leaving an upset look on everyone's faces. She tried to explain it all, no one would listen. 

"If She-Ra can't revive our land, then no one can" Plumeria stated in defeat. "We will leave, everyone get ready." She demanded all of the villagers fell by her side as well. 

"So you planned on letting She-Ra do all the work, but not putting in any effort yourselves?" I asked in a rude tone of voice, it is true, they won't get anywhere without any of their own effort. I said, turning around and heading over to Adora. She looked so upset and frustrated. I felt horrible, not like I could have been any help anyways, I just don't like seeing her like this. 

"Hey Adora, it's not your fault, we can find another way," I told her, grabbing on her hand, making her look at me.  We all continued to try and make Adora feel better, it worked somewhat. We planned our next move very carefully. We all put on a horde uniform, which was very uncomfortable. I hate this. We slowly all made our way into the base once Adora figured out the shift changing time. 

We walk into a room to see all this poison that is being put into the land. "That can't be good," I said while staring at the weird substance. I'm still surprised that we weren't caught, or maybe I spoke too soon. 

"Hey! What are you doing here!" A guard called making me jump a little. I was frozen in shock. 

"What are you doing here? We have the password 5 echo-niner" Adora said with confidence. 

"We haven't used that in ages," The guards said while pulling out their weapons. I guess I did speak too soon, all the weapons were now pointed at our faces. "U-um...what do we do now?" I whisper to Adora who is standing still as well. She quickly grabs onto my hand tightly. "RUN!" She yelled out, we all begin running. I'm not one who enjoys running too much, and I'm not that good at it either. Adora was in front dragging me behind her. I felt like a kite, maybe if I just stop running and swing my legs up, then ill fly? What am I talking about, that's stupid. I continue trying as hard as possible, probably slowing Adora down a bit too. The horde was following us, catching up pretty quickly too. We had nowhere to go, trapped practically. We had no way out now, and the horde surrounded us. 

The plan obviously didn't work and just turned into a bunch of fighting. I'm quite surprised that Plumeria and a few others even joined in, I thought they planned on leaving. It took a while to fight the horde off, it's not like I could do much anyways. A few kicks, and blows, just shoving them around here and there. It was fun, but tiring. I'd rather be at the castle sleeping right now. 

We managed to end it, winning on our part. We all meet up as a group. "How can I repay you?" Plumeria asked Adora, she went on telling Plumeria about the rebellion, and how they were trying to get it all back together again. 

"Do I get to hit more people with flowers?" Plumeria asked with a cheeky smile. "Of course" I replied, smiling back as well. Plumeria decided to join us in the rebellion which caused a small celebration, this time, it went happily. 

We then had to make our way back to brightmoon after saying goodbye to everyone. 

Time skip

We all got back, Adora, Bow, and Glimmer all went to Glimmers room, but I went to mine. It was a busy day, and I just wanted time to relax a bit. I checked in on them every now and then, they were just chatting, eating snacks, doing whatever they do for fun. I got myself ready for bed, it took a while, but I was finally ready. I went to lay down when I heard a small tap at the door. "Come in" I called out, watching the door open slightly. Adora walked in, waving, and coming to sit by me. 

"Why aren't you with Bow and Glimmer?" I asked as she came and sat down with me. "They fell asleep and I just got bored I guess," Adora replied looking around my room. I didn't speak another word, I just laid down, grabbing on the blondie and pulling her down towards me. I brought her in for a hug, she stiffed before returning it. Looks like she's staying with me again tonight, it's not like I don't like it anyways. I actually enjoyed her being with me...a lot. We got In bed but instead of being far apart, I got in closer to her. I held her tightly, burying my face into her chest. She was warm, and smelt like the outdoors, musky, yet somehow very nice too. Like a campfire almost. I tilt my head up to see a blushing mess above me, her face was red, but I knew mine was too. I just want to stay like this forever, close to my friend, that I cared about so so much. 

Second Person pov

The two of them slept through the night, embracing each other. They let off an aura that Y/N has never felt before. It was a bond, which couldn't be broken. Their bodies admitted warmth through the night to each other, it was nice, due to it being a slightly colder night too. They were both at peace, even after everything that has happened so far. 

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