12 - Dinner with the Family

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Mia P.O.V.

I must say I was really tired after all of the questions, it was about 8 a.m. now and I couldn't wait till I get inside of my bed. I yawned and walked behind Christopher and he talked with a few men next to him. I wasn't playing attention to their conversation because I was too busy thinking about sleep. Damn, can they walk any slower?

We walked out of the police station and there were a few photographers and news journalists wanting to ask us questions. Chris put his strong arm over my shoulder and lead me towards a police car.

When we got inside he asked, "My place or yours?"

I raised my eyebrow at him, "Excuse me-"

"I didn't mean it like that, unless you want to?"

"Too far Chris, but I want to go home. I miss my bed." I said looking out the window and puting on my seat belt. He turned on the ignition and drove towards my place.

The whole ride was quiet, the only thing I heard were cops talking on through the walkitaki about problems in the city and who they caught. Mostly just drunk people my age who are walking on the street.

Once we stopped by my apartment Chris quickly got out and opened the door for me. I thanked him and walked towards my door.

As I unlocked my door and I turned around and looked up at him. He gave me a small smile, "Just making sure that you're going to be all safe here by yourself."

I nodded, "Can you check my whole house then?"

Deep down I was still a little bit scared of staying home alone, I wanted Chris to check all the locks and making sure that nothing strange happened in my house while I was away.

After ten minutes of him checking around we were finally back at our original spot. The front door.

"Well, everything seems fine. Make sure you have me on speed dial just in case anything happens. And keep your phone by your bed side. And have a knife, just in case. Oh and lock your window, I know you like the fresh air but not tonight. And call me first thin-"

I placed my palm on his mouth, "Yeah, yeah, yeah ok mother I got everything."

He rolled his eyes at me and licked the inside of my palm, "ew, you sicko!"

I pulled my hand away and he pulled me closer to him, he leaned in and gave me a soft kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck and deepended, his arms circles my waist and pulled me even closer to his body.

I pulled away, "well, good night Mr. Officer."

He winked and kissed my cheek, "Night Miss. whatever-your-last-name-is."

"It's BELLEROSE, idiot!"

He slapped my butt in a playful way, "watch your mouth, or I would have to arrest you."

I laughed, "Too far Christopher, good night." I pushed him out of the door way and slammed the door in his face.


The next morning I woke up and stretched all of my limbs across my bed. Damn, that was some good sleep I got. I walked towards my bathroom and took a warm shower and brushed my teeth. After I wrapped the towel around me I remembered that I had to call Chris and tell him that everything is fine.

"Hello?" a deep voice said over the phone.

"Hi." I said softly.


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