Disclaimer time

Me: I don't own Naruto

Sasuke: what kind of disclaimer was that

Me: it was a disclaimer now shut up

Sasuke: Well it sucked

Me: Don't make me mad or I will change this story into a sasuke and sakura love story

Sasuke:*face flushes* i-i-it was-s a-a-a gr-re-ea-at-t d-dis-sclaim-mer *runs away*

Me: Ha I scared the great Uchiha

Disclaimer ended


Tsukiko POV

BRINNNGGGG!!!!! Rang my alarm clock rang. My hand shot out and slammed the snooze button.

Wait a minute I don't have a alarm clock. I opened my eyes to see Kakashi bending over clutching his head. Ha he deserved that.

"Urgghhh you hit hard" Kakashi moaned. I snickered at his pain.

"Tsukiko is swoory Uncle Kaka Tsukiko didn't mean to " I gave him my best puppy eyes and he groaned.

"It is so hard to not stay mad at you Tsukiko" he groans.

"So thwat means that ywou forgwive Tsukiko. TSUKIKO IS A GOOD GIRL" I yell. 

"Wait what time is it?" I ask.

"Its about 7:30" oh crap I'm late. I kick uncle kaka out of my room and take the quickest shower known in history I change into a shirt that has a cute teddy bear on it and blue shorts. I run out of the house after stealing uncle kaka's toast and eating it as I ran to the academy. 

I see an old kind woman sitting behind a desk workign on papers.

"Hello" my cute little voice interrupted her paperwork.

"Hello there dear what are you doing here?" she asked.

"I'm supposed to be in the class with twelve year olds" I say.

"Oh you must be the little child that the Hokage said will be in that class. Go to room 17 (I have no idea which room the real Naruto is placed in). Once I enter the room all chattering fizzled to a stop and all of them stared at me with little hearts in their eyes.

"Hi Tsukiko is Tsukiko" and everyone ran up to me cooeing that I was so cute and shit like that. 

"Why are you here?" the man with a scar on his nose said.

"Tsukiko is suppwosed to bwe with the twelve ywear olds" I say and everyone started to coo at me again and pinching my cheeks. Even teacher had little heart in his eyes.

"Hi I'm Iruka your sensei" Iruka says.

"Is Shikamaru here?" I ask.

"Yeah I'm right here Tsukiko" I turn around to give him a bear hug.

"You promised that you would introduce Tsukiko to uncle Sasuke" everyone gasped when I said uncle Sasuke. Shikamaru carried me to a guy with duck ass hair and was smirking the Uchiha smirk. 

"*gasp* uncle Sasuke has duck ass hair" and again everyone gasped and uncle Sasuke's eye twitched. 

"When did she learn that word" someone said.

"Tsukiko had a big wesson with uncle Hidwan. He taught Tsukiko about evewry cuss ting known to man kwind" I smilled. 

"Tsukiko can you please sit in the seat next to Sasuke please" he says.

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