No Sex For You - Niall Horan Imagine

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Niall: You and Niall had the perfect relationship. Everything went smooth and you loved each other to death. “(Y/N)!, i’m home” Niall says. He had just been away on tour for one month. “I’m in the shower, just wait a minute!” I say exited. Before i could say anything else, Niall slams the door open. “Oh, damn… This is perfect” Niall says and takes his white t-shirt off, and then his pants and boxers. “Err…Niall…What are you doing?” You say and blush. You didn’t know how to tell him that you had your period. This was the first time it happened when he was home. Niall entered the shower and says “(Y/N), i’m so horny. It’s been a month.” He really turned me on. I know i just gotta say it, so he doesn’t get a shock. “Niall, i’m so sorry. I can’t!” You suddenly screamed out. “But why?” Niall says with a disappointed facial expression. “I-i have my period Niall” I say and feel my cheeks turning red. “Oh…I’m so sorry (Y/N). Is there anything i can do?” Niall says with the sweetest voice. “No Niall it’s ok, i’m fine” I say. “Ok, i’m gonna go buy some ice cream and chocolate, baby” He says. He was so cute. I loved him.

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