The flames are getting out of control.

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Chapter Eighteen

Title from Jasey Rae by All time low

I slowly woke up, for the first time I didn't wake up to the sound of Jack crying.
As soon as my eyes were willingly open, I looked over to Jacks bed, finding that he wasn't there. I picked my head up a bit, looking around the room, he wasn't anywhere in the room but I saw the light from the cracks in the bathroom door.
I relaxed a bit, laying back down.

Five minutes passed, I was unable to get back to sleep.

I jumped once I heard a cough coming from the bathroom.
I heard the water running, and seconds later there was a retching sound coming from the bathroom.

He's throwing up.

I quickly sat up and yanked the thin sheets away from my body, feeling the cold air shock me as I rushed to the door of the bathroom, the noise happened again and I didn't hesitate to open the door.
I'm glad the doors don't have locks.

Jack was kneeled in front of the toilet, one of his hands gripping the side of the toilet, as the other was gripping his toothbrush. He was panting, and shaking over the porcelain bowl. The hand that was gripping the toilet shakily moved to clutch his stomach as he laid his head against the toilet seat.

"Jack.." I spoke innocently, but quietly, closing the door behind me. If we got caught awake, in the bathroom, with Jack forcing himself to throw up, I have no idea how we would be punished.
Jack moved his head to where he was still laying on the toilet seat, but he was facing me. His face seemed afraid, but too tired to react as he normally would've. I stepped towards him slowly, stopping close to the toilet, keeping my distance from the beautiful boy.

"I know you don't want to talk about this.. You don't have to, but I want to say something" I said, looking Into his watery eyes, he didn't move his eyes from mine so I continued. "I..I think you're too perfect to be doing this to yourself. I know you might not think you're good enough, but believe me, you are. If there's any reason for me to continue living right now, it's you, and that's really stupid of me to say because I just met you, but you're really fucking important to me. It hurts me when you do this. I think you're worth everything, I think you're amazing, and you're attractive as well. I don't know what you see when you look in the mirror, but when I look at you, I see the literal definition of perfection"
I spoke in an almost whisper, at a slow pace so he could catch everything, my eyes were beginning to get blurry as I watched him silently cry against the toilet bowl, his face was red and he was shaking badly.

"And I can't sleep, so do you want to go back to bed and talk about something stupid?" I added on, he gave me the smallest smile, and nodded thankfully. He pulled himself up, stumbling a bit to the sink. He washed his hands after washing his toothbrush.
I continued to look at his trembling form, wanting to hug him so badly.

Eventually he cupped water In his hands, drinking it and splashing some on his face, before he walked out of the bathroom.
I turned off the light and closed the door as I entered our room, I got back Into bed, knowing that I wasn't going to get anymore sleep tonight.

"I know this is a stressful question, but do you have any idea what you're doing when you get older?" I asked, desperately looking for a topic, I rolled on my side to face Jack, he was already facing me.

Jack paused before answering "I want to be in a band.. I know guitar and I just think it would be a lot of fun, it seems better than anything else I'm capable of doing with my life" Jacks voice was hoarse, he sounded pitiful. I nodded at his response in an agreeing way.

"I actually wanted to do the same.. I play guitar too" I spoke quietly.

"Sing" a Jack blurted out, it took me a second.

"What?" I asked in confusion.

"You can sing too, you're pretty damn good at it" he complimented, causing me to blush, thankfully it was too dark for him to see the shade of my cheeks at this moment.

I stayed silent for a few minutes "Jack you should get to bed" I said gently, he continued to look at me, we didn't talk for awhile.

We ended up staring at each other until the sun came up, and the usual man came to force us out of our beds.

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