Jesse carry me inside his car and strap my seatbelt on. " where are we going?," I ask. He didn't answer and move in to the driver seat as he strap himself too. " my apartment."

" what !," I sound alarm," I have class tomorrow."

"I'll return you back tomorrow morning," he reply, winking at me," beside it's just an hour away."

I sigh and slouch back to my seat as he take me to his apartment. I don't why he suddenly want to take me back, but he's acting weird after I mention him the L word. Not to mention he didn't say it back to me, I feel a little bit conscious after saying it.

The streets are empty and it is just me, jesse on this quite empty street. He keep driving without uttering a single word. I decided to break the silence, " Why are we going to your apartment ?."

" Because you just said the L word, and you sound like Im never going to see you again."

Ouch ! It hurt that he actually doesn't believe me. Maybe I was saying it out of fear ? Maybe he's right? But I know how I feel and im not going to deny it.
" Jesse I say it because that's how I feel," I said exasperated.

He shake his head and laugh, " No that's not how you feel. You are shocked and terrified, I don't know who did it to you, but I'm not going to let you be in that dorm alone."

" I'm going to find whoever he's," he whisper sternly.

"it's no one!".

He didn't reply, just shake his head.
He look mad, evidence by the way he grab the steering wheel tightly more than necessary. I watch his knuckle turn white as he sweep his car, parking in one smooth motion. He looks tired and stress, which makes me feel slightly guilty. I unbuckle my seatbelt, and as he is about to open the door, I stop him. " Jesse."

" yeah?," he reply with a hint of distress.

" I love-"

He sigh in annoyance and walk out the door. If the one thing to describe how I feel right now, it would be rage. Just pure rage. I feel like slapping him on the face about how dumb he's. This is how I experience my first love confession,Instead of being kiss, I got the door slam in my face. I pull my hair out of anger, and quickly follow him inside. I jotted into the elevator and push him to the wall, slamming him quite hard, " listen here you stupid douche!" I said angrily, " I love you ! And not because I'm afraid ! You better deal with it and stop slamming things on my face."
I sigh-
He look lost and speechless.

" I can't believe you don't believe me. I love you. If that's not enough then maybe I'm not the one for you." I sigh. Suddenly feeling tired as well. It is 11:30 and I'm way pass my bed time. I loosen up my grip on his shirt and move away to the other side, closing my eyes in defeat. Making space between the two of us. I couldn't think straight and my mind is all over the place. I'm afraid of my step dad, but more afraid of him hurting my friends.
A few minutes later we have arrived in his deluxe apartment's. We stay in the elevator not even flinching a single body movement. I might say I was taking a minute nap.

" Do you ?."

I open up my eyes, to see jesse approaching me. He place two hand on the side of my shoulder, keeping me sandwich between him. I nod and look into his eyes. A smile creep on his face, and he kiss me. There there.

At first it was slow like a peck, but it turn into a heated passionate kiss. He grab my wrist and pin them up above my head as he cornered me. I want to grab him so badly but he's in control right now, and I decide to let him do that. He move along my jawline, to my neck and slowly down to my chest. I chuckle, " okay now now it's too late for this."
He grumble and lean on my neck as we both calm our erratic breathing. " So we can do it tomorrow morning ?."

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