Hey Guys! I know, it's been so long since I've posted. I'm still having issues with my charger. Hopefully, this Christmas I will get a new one. Let's cross our fingers okay? Well some of you have been wondering if I'm ever going to write a sequel to With Open Wings, and the answer is YES. I will post the first chapter after this story is complete. And I haven't given up on Cherish the Riven either but that is an exceedingly difficult book to write so it will take a while.

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Sick and Twisted (BoyxBoy)

The Sparrow (GirlxBoy)

Til Death Do Us Part (ManxMan) ~Harem

With Open Wings (BoyxBoy) ~Book One

With Bleeding Hearts (BoyxBoy) ~Book Two

Chapter 20


I don't know what I'm doing anymore. My head keeps running in circles with no true purpose in the action. Round and round. But one thing I keep seeing, its so freaking clear to me, is Raine's face. Raine's tears over and over again. I wanted to cry with him but what was the point? It would only give him fuel to argue my decision. I wanted him safe and I was a danger to him. I put my hands on him.

God, I will never get over that.

How could I do something so wrong? So...cruel?

I had to do this. To keep myself away from him. I'll be sure that Mrs. Matthews gives him extra salve to deal with his heat. I don't want him to be in anymore pain. This was the right thing to do, I know it.

"It's what a coward would do."

I jumped and spun around to see Valera leaning against the beam of the doorway. A scowl on her lips and long violet tresses braided into an intricate bun on her head with a few tendrils escaping confinement. Her hood was back so I was graced with a portion of her true beauty.

"I'm doing it to protect him," I countered, remembering her statement.

"No, you're running away from a problem. If you truly wanted to protect him, you'd stop being such a weakling and overcome this power because if you don't you will remain locked up for the rest of your life and I highly doubt you want that. Neither does Raine. You're forcing him to live with out his mate and if you continue to do that, then you will eventually drive him mad then kill him. And don't bother trying to scrounge up little reasons why that can't possibly happen because we both know that it will be inevitable. A prime example would be poor little Tatum who has been locked up for an entire year with out as much as a whiff of his mate. He doesn't even have another year left. The dreams for him have already started. I'd give him three more months before he's finished. Then right after that, it will be Raine. Now give me another pathetic excuse so I can shoot that down too. I've already been in your head so I have a billion more answers for your shameful attempts at justifying your incredibly stupid actions."

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