Second Day Troubles

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So I'm here at the lunch table with Cameron and I have to admit it was pretty awkward. Once in awhile I'd catch her shooting glances at me.

I was trying not to make a big deal out of and ignore it. But the silence was unbearable. So I I spoke up would you have done it?

"Hey umm I am curious, do you have a problem with me?"

I asked a bit hesitant.

"No what makes you think that? " She replied with a cold and angry voice."

"Look I see the way you look at me and if looks could kill, I would be buried 6 feet underground. I don't know what I did you to but I would love to be ok with you. ."

"Uhhm ok then leave Jacob alone!" She practically yelled.

"Excuse me but I know you saw that argument we had . He started it, not the other way Around.! " I said getting angrier by the minute.

"Look don't know where you are from, but here in America we do things differently! " she exclaimed.

At this point I was ready to pull the remaining "beauty " she had left.

"You got that right honey  but  if you think your little words frightened me then you're totally wrong."

With that I left quickly not even thinking of how hungry I was but I could not stay in there nope.

I was on my way to the library for my free period. I figured I could read for  bit.  But first a stop to the ladies room. I continued my walk down the hallway.  It was then that my life flashed right before my eyes.

I was pulled into a closet.


Just great.

I move to America for a better life but instead I am being kidnapped. So why don't I scream or do something? Because I am curiously stupid and happen to have Idiotic Syndrome.

After 'fighting' my way away from the person we were standing in a dark room. I gazed my attention back to the person. But you would never believe who it was yep you guessed it Jacob Parker's cousin or second I forgot. William Parker.

I looked at him and gawked not just his features but also the fact that he was the one who kidnapped me.

I was lost for words.

"Look who are you and what business do you have with Jay? He asked furiously.  I sat there dumbfounded, " Who?" He looked at me as if I had just punched him in his jewels.

"Jake parker you know Famous dude for nothing" he said.

"Oh flower boy. Well I don't support stupidity but hey it's his life. As long as he stays out of mine. "

He did what I had was not possible he laughed. I looked at him and again.

"What are you laughing at?" I asked frustrated." You y-" he said trying to catch his breath. " you are one of a kind. I have never in my life heard something like that about him.

"look what do you want?  I already told you that I am not a fan so excuse me honey."

"Oh I'd love to sugar tea." He said under his breath.  Whatever. 

It took me a long time to figure out what position we were in , he had me cornered on the and his arms patched any signs of exit.

"Move!" I Demanded trying to push my way out.

He looked down at me and his eyes suddenly changed into a darker shade of blue color. I was terrified but I couldn't let it show so I disguise my face expression.

He leaned in close ,too close . I hid my face away from him. He was suddenly so close and whispered in  my ear," I'll see you later sweet tea." He kissed my cheek and headed out.

I was furious who did he think was walking around kissing people's cheeks.If I was light you would see my terrible blush.

I was about to enter the library when a voice called out behind me," Well well well guys look what we have here it's monkey! !"

A big laughter erupted from the background. I looked at him with anger from earlier I narrowed my eyes at him and pointed my finger at his chest.

" You , you know what you are? You are that one person that makes people's day go bad. Do you  always have to say something? I mean jeez for just one day I would love not thinking about you people but myself.  Keep away from me Govenci ," I took the card out of my purse and ripped it in front of his face.

"Keep your v-cards or whatever they are called away from me too.  I heard enough from Cameron , your cousin and now you want to step in the picture well Jakey Jake not today.You hear?  Leave. Me . Alone."

He was shocked  his expression was  unreadable. So was mine.

I guess that bomb has been ticking for a long time now. And it needed to explode.

Just like that I walked into the library picked a book and relaxed. I wanted to go home. Not 5 miles away.  Like 1200 something like that thousand something kilometers home. 

Yeah I really did.

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