Chapter 9

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✷ chapter 9 ✷

✷ Natalie

After shopping , getting my hair done , and getting my nails done with the girls It was time for me to go out to dinner with Chris.

I had just arrived at home so I have no idea whether or not he was ready to go.

I took out the extra key Chris gave me and stuck it into the door.

Once I was inside I flicked on the light.

"SURPRISE!" Everyone yelled making me jump and scream a little.

I smiled when I seen some of my family and friends standing around.

"Awwwww guys." I said making them laugh and walk towards me.

First Chris walked up and gave me a big hug.

"Who planned this?" I questioned looking around.

The house was decorated with a big sign saying happy birthday , streamers everywhere , my favorite color red balloons , and more. It was so amazing and I started to get teary eyed.

"It was all Chris girl." Alyssa said.

I wonder how they even got in here so fast because they just dropped me off a second ago.

"We snuck in the back baby girl." Jasmine answered my question with a tight hug.

"Awww thank you so much Chris! This is so sweet and everything looks so nice!" I exclaimed looking around at everything.

"Anything for you baby," he replied while kissing my cheek.

I gave him a kiss back on his cheek and then turned around to greet my family and friends.

So far I've seen some of my cousins , high school friends , and my sister. Wait my sister came here? Where's my mom?

I quickly walked over to her as she stood by herself in the corner.

"Amanda what are you doing here and where's mom?" I questioned her with my arms folded.

"I just wanted to wish my little sister a happy birthday Jeez and mom was sleeping." She explained to me.

I rolled my eyes. Mom would be sleep on the most important day of my life. My 18th birthday.

I feel horrible since she isn't here and I don't feel like being at this party anymore.

I started to walk towards the stairs when Chris stopped me.

"What's wrong Natalie?" Chris asked me putting his arm around my waist.

"Tell everyone to go home. This party is over." I answered while walking up the stairs.

He of course followed me upstairs and to the bedroom.

"What's wrong? Why are you upset? It's your birthday!" He exclaimed trying to cheer me up.

"Nothing's wrong." I lied while laying down on the bed.

"Natalie stop lying to me and tell me the truth!" He yelled while sitting beside me and grabbing my chin gently.

"This day means nothing when the woman that gave birth to me isn't here." I whispered softly with a tear coming out of my eye.

Chris wiped the tear. "Baby don't let her bring you down. She'll come around sometime and until then you need to enjoy your life. I'm sure she loves you but she's too blinded by her own problems to show you that." He said laying down next to me.

I nodded my head. "I just wish she was here to celebrate with me." I cried.

"I know baby , I know." He whispered in my ear while grabbing me into his arms.

Chris in MM

Have y'all seen the new Ayo video? Didn't Chris look fine asf in it? Good god he looked beautiful. 😍😭 if you haven't watched the video yet , go check it on YouTube ASAP!

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