Part 6: They Deserve To Know

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Author's Note:
I killed my hand writing Part 5. So much editing stuff in and out!

I'm going to actually make character profiles available through the story. I got a great idea to somehow make some appear for plot reasons.

I'm also going to put the current date and day of the week. Part 1 to 4 was a single day, that's how many chapters it took to cover the beginning.

This part contains day 2 and day 3 of the story, good luck reading for 2 hours (not really).

I hope you guys enjoy!

Annabeth's POV

October 2nd, Tuesday - Morning, 7:30am

I feel terrible. You may ask 'what now?' and the answer is simple. I know Preston saw me use my fourth ability. Plus, three other random people saw me as well!

How do I know? Well, first I gotta tell Preston that I know, then explain how.

"Bish- EARTH TO ANNABETH!" Brittany practically yells into my earhole. Is my eardrum still alive... if yes, all hope is lost- just kidding. "What were you about to say?"

"Oh, well... I want you two to meet me after school." I say quietly. This time I don't need people spying on me, four people knowing my true level is enough. "Behind the school would be alright."

Preston isn't looking so amused. He is rather quiet, answers questions with simple answers such as yes or no. He rarely spoke with Britt too.

"Britt, where is this guy at currently?" I joke, laughing loudly. Brittany's face is hilarious. She looks like I asked her to solve a math problem.

"I bet that he's on Mars." She says. "But the more he acts like this, I'm starting to think somewhere like Neptune or Pluto."

I cackle like a witch, before getting an idea. I go behind Preston as he's looking at his phone.

I take off my backpack and open it, just to take out my extremely cold lemon juice. This bottle was in the freezer for a looooong time. I wouldn't doubt the juice actually turned into a yellow ice block!

I slowly raise his leather jacket and shirt, before aggressively shoving my drink against his skin. Preston yelps and my bottle falls to the floor. A bit too late though, I bet Preston's back is wet.

There wasn't a crack when my bottle fell, so it's apparently still liquid and not ice. I picked it up before giving my best girl a high five.

"What was THAT for!?" He asks rubbing his back. Britt and I break into hysterical laughter. "Oh come on!" He says before bursting into laughter himself.

Time Skip~

After School - 13:20pm

"I have asked you, my dear friends, to meet with me here, behind this portal to the underworld. I have something to discuss with both of you, and I would like your full undevided attention." I say, trying my best to put on a British accent, ultimately failing though.

Preston is giving me this look, probably screaming inside for me to just say it. Britt is waiting like she is in a line at a grocery store.

"I'm sorry if it looks like I lied, but it's justified if I was hiding this." I say, looking over at Preston. "I know you saw me use my fourth ability, the shield disabling one."

His eyes widen, and his mouth drops open. "How in the-!?" He's trying to get a sentence out, but he simply can't. I put my hand up, because I want to actually explain what's the situation.

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