Zoey searched around and inside the stronghold looking for a certain purple eyed man, but came to no avail. It had been over 24 hours and she was worried, everything in her body told her to find him. Teep seems somewhat more distant today like there was something bothering him, he lay on the roof of the castle looking into the sky, a frown on his face. Suddenly a large thud came from the front of the castle. Teep quickly sat up and ran to the side of the building to see a mans body covered in blood surrounded by purple dust. Zoey slammed open the door and ran over to the man. She knelt down her hands above him and a huge pit filled her chest. Her heart dropped when she looked at his face, his bloodied face. Her head span as she looked down at the man she loved, she could hear his faint heart beat pounding in her ears and could hear the blood running from his wounds. One cut ran across his nose and down his cheek, it was deep and was gushing with blood. Teep knelt beside her and put a hand on her shoulder. She looked at him and back at the man. Her eyes began to shimmer and glow as golden tears ran down her face. The mans eyes opened slightly and his dark purple eyes dimmed as hers brightened. Her hair whipped around as her body also began to glow, Teep stepped back and watched in amazement. Zoey began to scream as she felt her anger and sadness take over, the mans eyes watched her carefully as she shined over him and her screams filled his ears. His eyes fluttered closed and Zoeys screams became louder. She suddenly stops and looks down at him, she gently lifts him up slowly and rests him on her knees. Her hands trace the cut on his face and it begins to heal over, becoming a dark red scar. Her hands travel around his body and his wounds healed up making scars. Both of them float up into the air, spinning bars surround them and spin faster as she heals him. Zoey slowly retracts her hands and smiles as the lowly slowly stops and they are both gently placed on the floor passed out. Teep rubs his eyes as he looks down at the two. He smiles at the now healed Rythian and looks over at Zoey, asleep from exhaustion. He throws Zoey over his shoulder and carrys Rythian in the other. He walks to the castle but stops. He turns around to see Duncan walking away carrying a small note pad.

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