Living Again~ Twenty-Eight

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Thursday morning I was woken up by Aunt Claire yelling my name and barging into my room. I yawned and waited for her to calm down then asked, "What's up?"

"You know how we planned to have a whole family gathering on Sunday?" I nodded, silently hoping that it was cancelled so I wouldn't have to face all those people. She took a deep breath and said, "Well, you know your Aunt Mary? Your dad's sister? She offered to hold the gathering at HER house, for a whole weekend! And the best part is, she said you can invite all your old friends too so you'll get to spend some time with them!"


"Aren't you excited? This will be like a weekend getaway!"

I smiled at her, trying to look excited. This wasn't just a one day party anymore, it was like a vacation, because Aunt Mary's lives in this grand house which is practically a mansion and has a pool and everything.

Claire gave me a long hug assuring me that i'll have a good time then told me to get ready for school. Before leaving the house that morning I texted Katelyn:

Seems like I'll be seeing you soon, can't wait :D Claire will call u with the details, let the others know too! Miss you :)

After that we began texting back and forth, I quickly tapped away on my phone while walking through the school corridors with my head down and my gaze locked on the screen. I bumped into someone and only a short gasp escaped my lips before I felt big, warm, familiar hands around my waist. Ethan helped me balance myself up then I looked up at his face. I almost couldn't breathe, he was so close. The urge to kiss him was so strong. If I didn't do it I'm sure he would because the look in his eyes was so intense and full of yearning. 

It was like slow motion. Slowly our faces inched closer, there was no one else here except the two of us. I just needed him really bad so I closed the distance and our lips were almost touching when.. Someone coughed loudly and we broke apart looking ashamed. There stood Brianna and Tyler smirking like retards. They have such bad timing.

Ethan scowled, irritated, he looked so cute with that look on his face, "You guys just HAD to ruin it didn't you?"

Brianna winked "Can't let you two cheat now can we Tyler?"

He laughed along with her and Ethan narrowed his eyes at Bri accusing her, "You're enjoying this."

She just shrugged then dragged him away after giving me a wink. I kept my gaze on Ethan and he watched my face as he left. I smiled and just before they were out of sight he mouthed 'I love you.'

I probably won't stop smiling all day now. Or that's what I thought.

Until I saw Rebecca making her way towards me in the hallway. There goes my perfect morning. I ignored her and walked towards my locker. I knew she was following me because of the annoying clatter of her heels. I opened my locker while she stood behind me, I kept my back to her ignoring her presence until she snapped, "We need to talk!"

I sighed and turned around, she flicked her hair back and gave me a glare. I asked her, "What's going on in your little brain now Rebecca?"

She narrowed her eyes. "You," she said, pointing a finger at me, "need to back off my guy!"

"Do you seriously think Ethan cares about you, he hates you. You need to leave us alone."

She tapped her foot impatiently, "Not Ethan. He is just a worthless jerk and doesn't even deserve me. I'm talking about my Luke! You took him from me! You're not as innocent as you seem are you, first Ethan, now Luke? What a slut!"

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