Sweet Imagine: Proposal

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Sweet/Romantic Imagine for @Shelby21

You walked into Austin’s house. He told you to meet him there because he said he had a surprise for you. You didn’t see him. Where could he be? You think.

You look down and see rose pedals spreading across the floor. It seems like they are in a trail. You follow them, up the stairs, through the hallway, and into Austin’s bedroom. You see Austin standing there with a rose in one hand and a small box in the other.

“Austin what are you doing?” you ask.

“Shelby, We have been dating since we were 13. When I first saw you, you were wearing a pink skirt with a white shirt. Your hair was tied back into a ponytail. When I looked into your eyes, I knew immediately, you were going to be the one for me. I imagined us getting married, having 3 beautiful children, and growing old together. You are mine. I never ever want that to change. You are my one and only and I am in love with you.” You notice he has tears in the corners of his eyes. He walks over to you and gets on one knee.

“Oh my gosh!” you whisper.

“So Shelby, will you make me the happiest man on earth and do me the favor of marrying me?” he says and tears begin to stream down his cheeks. He opens the little box and you see the most gorgeous, most beautiful ring ever.

You are speechless. Austin Mahone just proposed to you. Say something Shelby! You think to yourself.

“Yes, babe!” you wrap your arms around his neck and hold him tight. He grabs your left hand and puts the ring on your finger.

“I love you Austin!” you say with tears in your eyes as well.

“I love you too Shelby!”

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