The Hellions

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Marvel Girl
White Queen
Shadow Cat
Scarlet Witch
Professor X

You yawned as you walked through the halls of the school. Some kids ran past you which made you smile.

Y/N: No running!

The kids stopped and looked at you.

Y/N: Ah, I'm just kidding. Go run in front of Logan's room.

The kids laughed and ran off. You whistled for a moment before you spotted Laura talking to one of the other students. Julian, you think. You never cared to ask.

The kid left and you walked over to her. You smirked as you snuck up behind her.

Y/N: Hello~

You suddenly found two sharp blades pointing at your throat. You just smirked.

Y/N: Aw. You missed me.

Laura calmed down and sighed as you laughed. You pulled her closer and kissed her head before you looked around.

Y/N: Where's everyone else?

Laura: I don't know. Everyone is just running around doing what they usually do. I think Bobby is in class with Kitty and Jubilee.

You nodded.

Y/N: Right. Of course they are.

You both awkwardly stood there before you turned to her.

Y/N: Can we talk about last night?

Laura: No. Never again.

Y/N: Deal!

Suddenly you heard a voice in your head. A familiar one.

Emma: Y/N? The Professor wants you.

Y/N: Right. I'll head over right now.

Laura: What?

You looked at her and realized you had said that out loud.

Y/N: Oh. Uh, the Professor wants to see me. I guess I'll see you later.

Laura nodded. You stood there for a moment before you turned and left. The whole girlfriend thing was still new to you.

You headed to the Professor's office and found yourself just phasing in.

Y/N: Hey, wheels. You rang?

The Professor turned around at his nickname.

Professor: Ah! Mr. L/N. Always a pleasure.

 Always a pleasure

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Y/N: Oh, please. The pleasure is...all yours. Did you need something?

Professor: Yes. Yes. Do you recall our conversation regarding, expanding the teams?

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