Pep Rally

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It's good and bad.
First, I save seats for my friends, and they ditch me. Like, I waited five minutes for you. Gracie was nice enough to sit next to me. So, thanks Gracie. Thank you.
It was really cool to see the special needs athletes honoured. They deserve it.
Cheer was amazing. Good work! I could never do that.
The school Honour Band, wow. Just wow. Greatly planned.
Heather, OMG. She is such a great twirler!
It's time for the dance-off! Uh, oh. Everybody's blindfolded, and let's just say it's me in class. It's technically embarassment city. Shelby had good moves, but a teacher won. But it's like when my song comes on in class and I snap. Everyone laughs.
The Honour Band played our high school's fight song. I'm in the symphonic band, so I've played it a few times.
And it's over.

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