Chapter Six

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Stevie sat restlessly in a lavish armchair on a stage surrounded by her band mates, numerous cameras and a sea of journalists who were firing questions at her relentlessly.

Over the past three days, Stevie had been finding it extremely difficult to keep her mind on anything other than that baby girl at the adoption agency. So much so, in fact, that she had now begun to mention things in her interviews that she had never dared to mention before.

Deep down, there was still that worry that people would not see her as a fit mother and that scared her more than anything. That is why she had decided to take things into her own hands and to prove to the world that she truly was ready.

“Stevie, you have pretty much everything you could ever want. Do you ever regret some of the decisions you’ve made over the past fifteen years?” a brazen reporter asked.

“I don’t regret it at all, but I do regret the fact that I didn’t stop to have a baby,” Stevie admitted with an affirmative nod of her head.

Karen’s ears instantly perked up and she sensed that this could go either one way or the other.

“Oh really? Tell us more about that.”

“Well, I’m going to try to adopt a little girl soon, when I’ll have more time. I’m certainly ready for it, and I’m good with children.”

Stevie looked around and could see a few of the reporters eyeing her sceptically.

“I think I’ll probably call her Lillian Rebecca,” Stevie added with a bashful smile. “She’ll be loved, and she’ll be the most important thing in my life — more than music, Fleetwood Mac, solo albums or anything else.”

The journalists all wrote furiously in their little flip-pad notebooks and Stevie felt like she had made a break-through.

“So, are you saying that there’s someone special in your life at the moment?” another reporter probed, eliciting an outbreak of whispers throughout the crowd of journalists.

“No, that’s not what I’m saying at all,” Stevie threw back matter-of-factly. “I could do it my own. I could spend a lot of time with her. Just because I have those shows at night doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t take all my other time and put it into that baby. This would never be a lonely or unhappy baby.”

Suddenly, several hands went up all at once and Stevie threw a glance over at Karen, pleading with her to find a way to wrap things up.

“Does your sudden desire to have a child have anything to do with Lindsey Buckingham’s departure from the band?”

Silence fell amongst the crowd and Stevie suddenly felt all eyes on her, including those of her bandmates.

“Why should it be?” she huffed. “This is hardly a new desire; I’ve wanted to have a baby for a long time now. It’s the one thing I wish I had. I’d like to be sharing all these experiences, and that makes me really sad. But I figure God has a plan, and if I’m meant to have that baby, I’ll have her.”

Whereas the rest of the room easily settled for the bare-face of what Stevie was saying, both she and Karen knew that she was referring to a very special little ‘her’ in particular.

When the promotional talks had finally been wrapped up, Stevie was making her way off the stage when she suddenly felt someone grab her hand and pull her into a nearby empty room.

“Chris? What’s wrong?” Stevie asked in confusion.

“What was that out there?”

“What was what?!”

“You! With the whole ‘mother of the year’ spiel!” Christine laughed.

Stevie’s face reddened a little and she suddenly felt very self-conscious.

“Stevie, I… I didn’t mean it like that. I just assumed that, you know, after everything you said, that you’d want to keep this under wraps for as long as possible…”

“I do, Chris, I do. But…” Stevie started, unable to stop her mind from wandering and the hint of smile creeping across her lips.

Christine drew in her breath sharply.

“Oh my gosh. You’ve found one already, haven’t you?”

Stevie nodded tearfully with a bright smile.

“Stephanie Lynn Nicks, you had better spill the beans right now!” Christine squealed, squeezing Stevie’s hands in her own. “What’s she like?”

“How do you know it’s a girl?”

Christine raised her eyebrows dubiously.

“Because I know you, darling,” she said, before the two of them burst into laughter.

“Oh Chris, she is so perfect! I can’t stop thinking about her.”

Stevie rambled on and on in a way that made Christine feel all warm and fuzzy inside. She had consciously made a decision to never have kids herself, but she could understand just how momentous this opportunity in Stevie’s life was for her.

“But please, Chris, you can’t tell anyone…”

“My lips are sealed!”

When Stevie arrived home that evening, she was even more restless than she had been during the day. There was one thing on her mind and she needed to do something about it: she had to arrange another appointment with Brenda.


A/N: For those of you who didn't spot them, all of Stevie's answers to the journalists questions at the beginning of this chapter are real quotes from Stevie from the years 1990/91. Let me know what you think!

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