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The color reminded you of a rosy sunset. It was warm to look at and could even fill the coldest of hearts just from taking it in. It was light, but it was also powerful, strong in the eyes and very capturing. It was perfect; it was exactly what you dreamt of. It was the very source proven to you that not all hope was lost. You could do it. No matter the hardships you faced and would face, you could always find a way to get around it.

Touching the soft fabric of the beautiful and finished dress in front of you, you picked it up and held it up against the sunlight that beamed down through the window. It was breathtaking to you: the v-neck of its neckline fit your curves, the half sleeves with flower designs gave it personality, the skirts were not the heaviest but was graceful-like in a way to make it seem you were gliding across the room, and the perfect, red flower brooch was exactly where you wanted it to be.

It was safe to say that you were elated to try this dress on. Stripping yourself until you were in your undergarments, you tossed the ashy white dress onto the floor. Your body then slipped into the soft cloth of the dress and you came out the other end of it to finally wear it. Analyzing yourself and fondly brushing it gingerly, you took a few steps to stand in front of a cracked -- but still usable -- mirror.

You looked wonderful. Slightly gasping at what you saw before you, you truly felt like the princess you dreamt of being. Fitting perfectly in an elegant and regal way, it showed the curve of your torso and fell into swooping skirts that touched the floor. Matching your [s/c] skin, it brought out your features and brightened the smile on your face. The flower patterns on the sleeves gave the entire outfit a soft look that grew a warm feeling in your heart.

Slowly twirling around to feel the caress of the skirts hitting your legs, you giggled like an idiot in the silent room. Imagining the golden floorings of the ballroom at the palace, you pictured yourself happily dancing with some suitor. Curtsying at him under the rays of the chandeliers, you would hold onto him and sweep across the room like there was no tomorrow. Oh how you wished the ball could just hurry up and arrive already.

Nearly stumbling over an old antique sprawled on the ground of the dirty floor, you held out your arms and breathed in to catch your breath. The precious dress having slight wrinkles in them, you hurried to smooth them out.

When you were done, you straightened up. It was time. You could not dawdle any longer.

Heart pounding against your chest, every doubt and fear entered your mind. Hands and forehead growing sweaty, you wished to wipe out your clammy hands somewhere, but you couldn't possibly dare ruin your dress. Ignoring the growing anxiety for the time being, you made your way to the door. Shakily twisting the doorknob, you left the comfort of the room and entered into the daunting hallways. Arms across your chest, you were defensive even before seeing them.

You didn't know what was going to happen. Either you would get to go to the ball or you don't. It was finally the time to find out about stepmother's judgements of you.

Shivering despite the warmth of the house, you crept into the kitchen to find the area empty. Loose droplets dripped into the metallic sink, the sound echoing into your ears. It splattered excessively and you couldn't get rid of it. Terrifying you, you picked up your skirts and returned to the hallway. Trailing your bare feet along the wooden, lined floors, the stableness of it calmed you a little.

Another room appeared in your vision. Walking into it, you paused when you indeed saw them all in the living room. Sitting on wooden chairs with their postures arched high as always, the stepsisters were busy learning how to sew. Stepmother was eying them like a hawk, barking out any critics she saw them make. You frowned; the woman did not seem to be in a good mood today... with that in mind, how would you win her favor?

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