Wedding Day, Part One

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Pansy turned over in her sleep, dreaming of Cedric Diggory's hard muscles.


Since dying, Cedric Diggory had become quite skilled with his tongue, and she wondered if all angels were given vast amounts of sexual knowledge upon death. It seemed only fair.


She blinked awake, and turned over to see Draco standing next to her bed.

Well, this dream had taken an unexpected turn, but she'd take it.

Coming fully to consciousness, Pansy looked at the clock.

"Draco," she mumbled. "It's 4 a.m."

"Is it? Oh..."

He dropped down into her armchair. Pansy sat up, and took a good look at him. He was half-dressed in his formal robes. He would need a good rumple charm if he insisted on sitting in those.

"What's wrong? Where are your trousers?"

He looked down at his trunks, as if just now realizing.

"Oh. I must have forgotten them." He hadn't slept, that was clear. He ran his hand through his hair. She was about to ask him again when he suddenly said, "Why did we break up?"

She blinked at him. Oh wow.

"Draco, this is perfectly natural the night before. You are allowed to have pre-wedding jitters—"

"But I've only had one other relationship in my life. And I didn't do a good job with it," he sighed. "What if I fuck this up too?"

Pansy rolled her eyes. Why didn't he bother Blaise with this bullshit.

"Draco Malfoy. We broke up because you were in love with Hermione Granger. I don't think that will be the cause of your next breakup."

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