The Horizon

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My mother was a very quiet person. She rarely spoke and whenever she did she made sure everyone around her listened. She was an idol among the omegas since she was a hard worker, organized, rarely contributed to gossip, and had an infectious smile that brightens your day.

She was respected and loved. Even the werewolves of higher rank made sure to show her respect. I remember a few days before she died we walked hand in hand and went to a pond that was found ten minutes away from our home. She had a picnic basket and took out the blanket and food. I tried to help but said she wanted to treat me like a princess for once and told me not to touch anything.

After she finished setting everything up and was satisfied with her work she looked at me with a smile and guided me to sit first. We ate the fruits and sandwiches that she packed for both of us silently looking at the pond and the beautiful view of wildflowers being swayed around by the cool breath. 

The cool breath was perfect for the fully blasting sun that did not have clouds to hide it. The sky was so clear and so blue it made me wonder why I don't always make time to look up and bask in its glorious beauty.

I smiled thinking about that day. I carefully took out and placed the ingredients that are needed for breakfast out of the storage and put them in their designated places. The main cook loves to have everything in a specific place of its own which I think is really nice since it makes it easier for the other cooks and workers.

I then head to the grand kitchen which is where the werewolves that are in power eat. I set the long table the way the luna loves it by putting out the plates, silverware, and the fruits as you would in a formal breakfast meeting. I smile to myself thinking that our luna enjoys a luxurious lifestyle. It is understandable because she is the daughter of one of the wealthiest werewolves whose brother is an alpha of some strong pack.

After I look at my handy job and feel satisfied, I turn and walk in the opposite direction of the grand kitchen and make my way to the common kitchen. This kitchen is bigger and also has a cafeteria attached to it so hundred or more unmated werewolves and the married werewolves that leave in the community can come and eat. But we mostly serve the werewolves that live in the packhouse since most of the mated werewolves tend to eat at their place.

I take out the ingredients that I see listed on the piece of paper that is attached to the refrigerator and go to the storage to try and finish everything before the omegas come to work. After making sure to take out the amount that I believe will be needed for each ingredient listed, I start to arrange the trays and put them in their appropriate place so it can be easier for the servers.

My hands start to shake all of a sudden, and I remember that I haven't eaten since yesterday's breakfast. I slowly walk back to the storage room and open the storage door where they store fruits and take an apple. I feel dizziness threaten to take me down as I bite down on the apple. I quickly finish up the apple and stuff the apple core in the pocket of my jacket before taking off my jacket and stashing it away in a corner.

I am not denied food most of the time. The chief gives me food whenever he believes I did a good job or when he is in a good mood. But since I don't know when he will have a bad day or when he is going to not be satisfied with my work I try to eat apples or cold leftover foods that I find in the common kitchen and eat a small amount just to sustain myself and also for the workers not to notice. I don't like cold food but I am now used to it since I can't hit up the food incase they smell it.

I hold the counter to steady myself since my head started to pound. This week has not been one of my lucky weeks since the chef is in a bad mood, something about the alpha not being satisfied with the lunch menu on Monday. So he has been snappy and scary for five days now. That is why everyone is on their best behavior and until yesterday I was only able to eat the foods that I snuck away in the morning like today which was not much considering the fact that I had to be extra careful. The fact that there is an apparent line that separates me from all of them just as the horizon separates the sky and earth makes me feel sad since I want to be accepted too.

The assistant's chief gave me some scrambled eggs with two pieces of bread yesterday morning which made me so happy since I was so hungry and I was assigned to clean up the training room after my duty ended in the kitchens. I had to stay up until 1:00 Am to clean up the room and place the equipment in their rightful place living my body sore and painful much more than usual.

I slowly sat down on the floor taking a deep breath and exhaling it slowly. This is not a new thing, it has happened too many times over the past year that I have lost count of it but lately, it has been getting worse. I don't eat much and I am forced to overexert myself so it is not surprising that my body is giving up on me. An unexpected tear slowly slides down my cheek waking me up to the sound of somebody walking down the hall towards the common kitchen. I force myself to get up and head into the dish room.

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