LII - Tease #1

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Hi guys, I just want to say something.

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I don't mean to sound like a bitch, but I just hate people who are horrible for no reason and I won't stand for it.

But anyways, Enjoy this chapter guys and be nice to each other !


Indianna groaned as she awoke. The sound of footsteps ringing clearly in her ears.

"Morning," Greyson said from beside her and she smiled tiredly up at him.

"It's so loud," she grumbled.

"What?" Greyson frowned and he nodded once he realised what Indianna was talking about. "It's Kal walking up the stairs."

"Tell him to tiptoe," Indianna mumbled and buried her face in Greyson's chest. She just wanted to sleep.

"We have school."

"I'm tired," Indianna whined.

"And I wonder why that is?" Kal yelled, dramatically entering Greyson's room. Indianna squeaked in surprise and Greyson growled, quickly grabbing the bed sheets and covering Indianna's naked body.

"Fucking knock!" Greyson yelled. "Jheeze, Kal, get out!"

"I just wanted to say that it's great that you two are now fucking and all, but please do not do it in the early hours of the morning in a silent house full of werewolves with extremely good hearing," Kal said with a cheeky grin.

"Kal!" Indianna gasped.

"You had a go at Harry and Brooke for being loud... You two took it to another level."

"Get out," Greyson growled and Kal grinned, winking at the both of them and then exiting the room.

"Fuck," Indianna groaned. "We weren't that loud..."

"It's Kal, he likes to exaggerate," Greyson shrugged. "Even so, this is my house so if people want to moan at me then they can get out."

"That is so embarrassing," Indianna grumbled and Greyson laughed, moving on the bed so he was hovering over Indianna.

"You know, Kal said not to do it when everyone is asleep," Greyson said and smirked. "Everyone is currently awake and getting ready for school. So?"

"You are the one that said we have to go to school," Indianna said and pushed Greyson away from her. "So that can wait."

"Do you really want too, sugar?" Greyson called as Indianna pulled one of Greyson's shirts over her head and stood up from the bed.

She didn't answer and Greyson smirked.

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