CH. 22 Butterly Garlic

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Rosemary's P.O.V

The secretary had been following me all the way from the gym. Not that I exercised, I was only in there looking for a classmate who had my notes for the next test.

When I went into the dorm room, she followed me into it too.

She could not have been looking for me. Otherwise, she would have called out to me from the beginning. "Are you looking for anyone?" I asked either way.

"Yes, you," I was taken back by her response. I froze. "And Violet," she added. Violet, Lucy, and Rachel were talking on her bed.

"What I do now?" Adorably, Violet's eyebrows furrowed as she hugged her pillow tighter.

"Nothing," the secretary assured. "Your parents granted permission for you to leave for the weekend," she explained and handed her the permission form. "Your parents have emailed yours too," she handed me the form.

My parents did not tell me about it.

"Are you sure?" My forehead creased.

"Yes, so get ready because your ride will be here soon," she assured and snapped her fingers for me to hurry.

"What ride?" I was confused.

"You're leaving with Violet and her driver," The secretary knocked the wind right out of me.

Before I could react, Violet screamed, "She's what?" She jumped off the bed and stood in the secretary's face. "Why the hell though?" Safe to say that she hated the idea of it.

"I can't go with her, she'll kill me in the car," I worried for my safety.

"I'll kill you now," Violet scoffed and gave me a push. She stomped to her nightstand and grabbed her phone. "I'm calling my dad right now and get this figured out."

"As you can see, we cannot be next to each other," I smiled at the secretary.

"Your parents guessed this would be the reaction, so they told me to tell you that they will not speak to you until they see you at home with Rosemary," the secretary passed down the message.

"I gotta go to her house?" My mouth dropped.

She assured with a nod, "Your family is having dinner with the Delaney family."

For starters, why did my parents not inform me about this? Only took a minute to calm me and let me know what they planned. A little heads up. Especially when it came to anything involving Violet. It would have given me time to put on a billets proof vest.

"Anyone got bubble wrap?" I requested. No one nodded to my misfortune.

"Why do you need bubble wrap?" The secretary wondered.

"For when Violet pushes me down the stairs," I explained, predicting my fate.

Well knowing that it was not far fetched, Lucy and Rachel laughed. Scared me how Violet didn't deny it. Oh no, I should not have spoken it into existence.

Violet retorted, "We don't have an extra dog bowl for Rosemary to eat," she complained to the secretary.

"You guys eat with dog bowls? Nasty," I gagged.

Violet rolled her eyes, "No but our pets do, I thought you were eating with them while we ate in the dining room?"

"Haha, you're so funny!" sarcastically, I laughed and gave her a stink face.

"Or y'all can just eat something else," hinting at something else sexual, Rachel murmured. Red in the cheeks, Lucy nudged her in the ribs to silence her. "Ouch!" Rachel yelped.

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