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As work ends for the day, you pack your bag and start to head out when someone calls your name. "Ah shit...who is it now?" you ask yourself when the voice clicks in your mind. "Hanji?" you ask turning around seeing your tall friend running to you. "Y/N!! Wait!" they call catching up to you. As soon as they do, they put their hands on their knees and catch their breath. "Okay...I'm good now."

"You sure? You look like a dehydrated rat." you giggled covering your mouth as you laughed. "Oh hush. After today's work you looked dead." They smiled at her patting your head. "Okay i'll give you that. Anyways, what's up?" you ask while walking out from your work building with Hanji. "Well I just didn't want to walk out alone." they said jokingly. "Really? That's what you screamed my name for stopping me in my tracks?" you ask with a disappointed facial expression. "Hehehe...no, no! That's not all, you see Petra is gonna be hosting a celebration of sorts." You stood there and then continued to walk with Hanji. "And? What are you trying to get at?" your tired figure asks yawning once or twice. "Well, she invited us to come! Pleaseee! It will be fun, trust me." You sighed then asked her a random question, "What's in it for me?" taking out your water bottle and taking a sip of it. "Levi will be there." they say giggling a bit knowing that you'll come. You spit out your water a bit then wipe it off your mouth. "Excuse me? Did you say...Levi would be there? Like the actual Levi Ackerman?" you ask looking at Hanji hoping she isn't joking. You've had a crush on Levi ever since you saw him at that Tea shop you always go to. The first day you saw him it was like love at first sight. I mean sure, you've had a couple of crushes here and there. But this one was different. He seemed calm and collected, nice, and was certainly handsome. All these thoughts running through your mind, you couldn't hear Hanji through them. "Y/N!" they called out to you for the 4th time. "Huh- oh uh right. Is he?" "Yep!" as the brunette said that your heart filled up with butterflies and smiled to yourself. "Someone seems happy." Hanji laughed and poked your shoulder. "EH- what!? I'm not happy! Just...okay I am." you said looking down. "Hey it's okay! I wouldn't blame you. I'm looking forward to seeing someone there too." they smiled and put their hand to your cheek. "Really? Who? Is it Moblit?" "Yep! He's such a gentleman." Hanji laughed as you then started to laugh with her. "When is it?" you asked, then seeing that you had arrived home. "Tomorrow at 6:30." "I see, well I'll pick you up it's my treat." you smiled and thought about what you were gonna wear already. "Thanks. Well, see ya tomorrow!" "Yea bye!!" you both wave goodbye to each other. As you walk in your house you throw your stuff on the ground and start to walk to your bedroom. Taking off your heels you throw them on the ground, then fell onto your bed. You took your pillow and hugged it to your chest smiling at the fact that Levi, the man of your dreams will be at that so-called celebration. Then something clicked in your mind. "What am I gonna wear?" you sit up and then walk over to your wardrobe and look at some dresses you have. A couple 40 minutes later you find an outfit and lay it out on your sofa chair and smiled at it. Hopefully this will get him to at least notice you of sorts. 5 hours passed and it was now 10:56 PM. "I should probably get ready for bed." you thought to yourself and then turned off your T.V. and went to your bathroom flicking the light switch. You looked at yourself for a moment then shook your head. Your pale fingers grabbed the toothpaste and toothbrush and then grabbed yourself some mouthwash. You took the toothpaste and put some on your toothbrush. As you put it in your mouth brushing it around your teeth and gums. You count 2 minutes or so 1 minute and 45 seconds on the clock then spit out the saliva and whatnot in your mouth. You grabbed the mouthwash and dumped it in your mouth swishing it around for some time. After a few moments you spit it out and then put up everything. You turned off the light and walked to your bed grabbing the corner of your blanket and pulled it off. Getting into your bed you turn off your lamp light and pull the covers over you. An hour passed and you still couldn't sleep. Was it Levi? No...was it anxiety. "Will it end up alright? Hopefully it does.." you sigh and finally shut your eyes and fall asleep. 

(((Sorry it was so short! I'm working on more but my ideas suck so please forgive me for that. <3)))

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