4: The First Step

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"I.... have to participate as well..?" I stood up immediately; alarmed by his words. Jungkook groans in a low tone, stretching his arms behind him.

"It's your money. Take some responsibility for it." He merely states, sitting up groggily on the couch. He ruffles his hair irritably after examining my troubled but naive expression.

"Look. Don't freak out, okay?" He says slowly; icy cold stare on my lips. The darkened expression on his face— it sent shudders down the back of my spine, and the bottom of my feet on fire. "You're.... gonna practice making out with me."

Wait. Did he just say what I think he said?

"What?!" I widened my eyes, visibly shocked. His eyes flutter shut, as he composes himself.

"I'll... teach you everything you need to know." He suddenly approaches me, pulling my body flirtatiously close to him. He then stares at me for an agonizing minute, as if he's observing my features carefully.

His intent stare on mine was starting to make my face flush— and it was evident that he's amused by my more-than-obvious expressions. "You're like an open book." He finally shows a slight smile, flicking his finger onto my forehead.

"Ow." I agonise.

"Anyways. You better get used to me, since you're playing the role of my lover. I'll get your money back in 7 days; practice with me till then." He says in a nonchalant manner, as if he almost didn't declare a ridiculous statement. 7 days? How is that even possible?

Jungkook seems to read my mind. "Remember— you're working with me. The one who brought down multiple unethical organisations."

He's right.

After a minute of silence, I hesitate a little before I decided to ask. "Jungkook..." I say timidly. "Why did you decide to take down these organisations yourself....? The poli—

"Some things are better left unknown." He cuts me off, his eyes intent on mine. "Stop prying around."

My heart sank slightly at his words. I probably shouldn't have asked him. Somehow, Jungkook seems to carry a cold, hurtful expression around whenever nobody's looking, which worried me.

"Anyways, it's late. Get to bed." He instructs, throwing me a pillow from his closet. "The bedroom's over there."

"Huh? But it's your house, you should sleep on the bed....?" I question, and Jungkook seems to go quiet for a second, deep in thought.

"You know what? Let's sleep together." He says before sweeping me off my feet and carrying me to the bed. I yelped in surprise. What? What's happening?!

"Practice." He explains with a single word, throwing the blanket over me. I feel the mattress move as he props himself next to me, but not before pulling his shirt off. Holy cow. I couldn't help but hold back my screams as he goes right to sleep, tucking his arm around my waist.

The entirety of the night that followed was a nightmare— I couldn't sleep a wink, but when I finally did, I was woken up with drips of water down my face.

When I opened my eyes, it's shirtless Jungkook hovering over me.

His damp hair was a tousled mess, framing his godly handsome features. His lips, that curved up into a slight smirk, sent my heart in a chaotic madness. He watches and observed my shocked expression with amusement and mischief. "You sleep pretty soundly." He remarks, the flare in his eyes glowing under the dim light. "Get up, the early birdy gets the wormy."

And as if he didn't almost send me into a cardiac arrest, he finally lets me go and walks out of the room. I took this opportunity to change into other clothes that I was left with.

But peace came short-lived.

In the middle of changing, Jungkook walks in, changing into his shirt as well. I didn't notice until I looked back— and screamed. He sighs audibly seeing me covering my body with the very little cloth I had.

"Like I said, don't freak out. I've seen enough in my lifetime, yours isn't any different." He says, buttoning up his shirt. "Besides, I told you to get used to it, didn't I?"

"How could I get used to this...?" I closed my eyes tightly, the tip of my ears getting red.

"It's either this or that. And you don't want the latter, trust me." He simply tells me, combing his tousled hair to the side.

"I get it...I'll do my best." a certain fire ignited in me as soon as I remembered the money that was taken from me. "I just don't know if 7 days is possible to get everything back. Even if you're skilled, I'm not."

Jungkook stares at me for a moment, before breaking out into a smile. "Believe it or not, your naive nature is your best weapon. Use it to con the person that conned you."

"How do I do that....?" I widened my eyes, and he changes into a serious expression.

"Shall we now?" He says, loosening his tie around his neck. "The first step of our Game Plan—

"Investigate the enemy."


A/N: next chapter will be a hell of a ride.

A/N: next chapter will be a hell of a ride

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