*I never start my homework until it's already too late* I tweet.

"Sorry it was my sister asking me to babysit her little baby tomorrow,"
"It's okay..."
"So, are you thinking about having her back?" She enquires.
This girl is so nice and I can't do her this, if Linda is having partly an affair with that piece of creamy bullshit I can have a proper date with a pretty girl.
"No, I need to move on... I won't think about her anymore,"
"I'm glad you're thinking that way. That happened to me last year... I was so happy with my boyfriend but then there wasn't anything to fight for us, we didn't feel as much love as we used to and we split up. It was hard because leaving him wasn't easy, after that I was so sure I loved him and I worked so hard to forget him now that he had found love, I did!"
"It's been a month so maybe that's why I haven't forgotten her still,"
"The first step to forget someone is focusing in others," she bites her bottom lip.
"You're really nice helping me with advises," I tell her.
She shrugs and moves closer to me, "you're very welcome Styles," she smiles.
I'm feeling tension, she's so beautiful and nice but I just can't stop imagining what if I was here with Linda instead of her... would I kiss her and she'd allow me to do it?
I just know that I'm so confused, what if when I'm back she doesn't forgive me and we can't even be friends? If I wait till I go back to London and everything is already lost I am going to regret not trying something with Alice.
I'm mad with me because while I'm arguing with myself whether to do this or not Linda is having fun with her beloved Carter.
I lean and kiss her, she presses her hand tight against my cheeks to intensify the kiss. Her tongue inserts into my mouth without my will, I push her softly away but she gets closer and prevents me to move, I put my hands on her shoulders and that's when she pushes herself away. It feels different kissing another girl, she starts wild while Linda used to kiss me slow and passionate, Alice just seems so desperate and that's it. Of course I feel the kiss because after all is a kiss, I just don't feel like liking or wanting it.
"If you're using me to forget your ex I'm taking off," she spits.
I am wordless, I don't really know what to say but just when she rolls her eyes and starts walking away.
"Fuck," I whisper and cover my face with my hands.
"Linda is better without you, she isn't suffering like you do Harry. Move on, dude." My mind speaks to me.
I run to the elevator and find Alice in it still, like if she was waiting me to get in.
I press the button of my level and look at her, she smiles and bites her lip.
I open my door and she runs inside, taking the phone and calling the bar.
She orders alcohol and then sits straight on the bed, the difference between Alice and Linda is that Alice is harnessing of this, she feels like she can come and take my things without asking.
"Drinks will be here in a minute," she stands up and walks to me.
I lean my back on the wall when her hands drive to my hips and almost into my shirt.
"We should start little by little," I suggest.
"Sure," she wraps her arms around my neck and forces me to kiss her.
I open my eyes when I hear voices, sunlight is burning my eyes and when I recognise Alice's voice I tense immediately. I touch my leg and I am wearing boxers, I don't have a shirt or shoes so let's say we slept together -we laid on the same mattress without having sex-.
"Don't worry, Erin. I'll be there soon," she speaks, "he didn't want to have sex because he kept repeating his ex's name so I stopped him saying I was so hurt. He will be mine soon, he's those men who are so good to women that don't see bad on us," Alice laughs while looking through the window.
"See you in a bit.... I'm not a liar! I was just friends with Alexa so she presented me a celeb, that is looking forward my future,"
I sit on the bed and somehow she doesn't listen to my movements. I take her shoes and jacket and walk to the door.
Alice turns around when she hangs up and walks to me.
"Hey," she leans to kiss me but I hand her her stuff.
"Leave now," I blurt.
"What?" She looks at her phone and realises I may or may not have heard that conversation she was having with either a woman or man.
"You used me and will continue using me, I'm not that kind of people so please leave," I give a step to the side so she can walk away.
"Everything is because of that bitch of your Bella isn't it?"
"You know what's her name so stop pretending you don't know and stop calling her a bitch," I warn.
"Or what?" She mocks.
"I can be a good friend or a good enemy so choose..." I smile madly.
"I'm not choosing either of you, you're so stupid and childish. That girl you dated should be one of the stupidest women in the world for liking you, your hair is horrible and all those tattoos make you look like New York Times edition #1,"
"Leave," I open the door and she nods.
"Well... I can be a good enemy too," she leaves and shuts the door.
I sit on the bed and cover my face so when I scream not one can hear me.
My door opens slowly and I see my mom coming in, I thought she was arriving tomorrow but she is actually here.
She walks inside and sits by my side, I rest my head over her shoulder and start crying.
"I'm never going to find another woman who will love me for me like Linda did,"
"Like Linda does," she rubs my back, "baby... you guys love each other so much and you really need this time apart to see how you belong to each other,"
"She is never coming back to me mom, she's so into Carter and he is stealing her from me. And she's so happy with it, she's liked Carter since always and I knew it and now I know I'm right,"
I sit properly, wipe my tears and look straight at her.
"You're not helping,"
"You can be my son but we girls suffer the most about boys, it doesn't matter if we decide to break up but we always suffer even more," she sighs, "I'm not saying you can't suffer but you've been away for a month or so but you don't know how much she's cried or done to get through this,"
"Have you visited her?" I frown.
"No, but Jacob has told me, you know he is the closest friend Linda has because Kaylee is well... sick,and she relies on him, if it wasn't for Jac calling her she wouldn't be eating healthy food or studying. She just wants to sleep and watch TV or movies while eating ice cream,"
"Can you explain me this then?" I open my laptop and show her the pictures, those freaking pictures where Carter takes her hand while ice skating.
"She seems so happy, she isn't pale or sleepy," I add.
"She is trying to forget you just like you did with the girl I found leaving this room minutes ago,
"H, you two are going to do too many things to forget each other and now that you are not together you can't be angry if she hangs out with someone else, she can't either,"
"I know," I sob, "but I love her so much and seeing her with another man is just... I wish it was me. She never told me she liked ice skating because we could've gone,"
"Are you sure she had time to talk about her with you?"
"We used to! I know how much she hates green hot veggies, I know how much she loves mint ice cream or the amount of biscuits she eats per day,"
"But you know something else beside things you see? I'm not blaming you because she's done wrong too, but you rushed this relationship so quickly when she wanted to start slow and enjoy every moment,"
"So if I want to start all over again I should try it slow? Because I don't care at least I'm with her,"
"Yes baby," she hugs me, "but just wait until the tour is over to contact her,"
"I will," I cry, "I love you mum,"
"I love you too baby," she kisses my head.

"Now you should go and take a shower because the boys are waiting for you to start rehearsing,"
"I don't feel good, I'm sick," I lie.
I don't feel like doing anything, what just happened with Alice made me so mad and angry with my life. I had for a year someone who loved me for me not because I'm millionaire or because I'm very well known.
My life is back to that path, where I can't trust anyone because I'm just not sure who to trust if it's not a person who's not into my same world.
And I just regret for telling her I needed time to rethink, I don't have to rethink anything I was just so angry by the fact she betrayed me and kissed Carter that I didn't want to see her near me. I do miss her so freaking much right now, I feel so stupid because she isn't missing me or at least showing she does while I suffer like a baby for her.
What am I going to do? What do I have to do?

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