Hussain's pov

"Hussain? " i heard mom and open my eyes cause she was standing next to my bed !

"G ami ? " i replied with giving her a sleepy look !

She lift me up and i sat on my bed with my hands holding my head ! She shrug my hair and said

"Hussain beta wo aj main ne halwa puri bnayi hai ! Tou ye halwa samne wale jo naye neighbours aye hain un k de ao ! Wo bhi Paki hain ! Tou jaan pehchan ho jaye gi ! " then she smiled ear to ear ! Coz i know bare arse bd koi Desi ayi hai apne block main tou mama unse dosti zarur krein gi !

"Okay mama but let me take a shower first " i gigle and she noded before leaving the room !

I went striaght to the bathroom ! Take a quick shower and wore my black v neck shirt and blue jeans ! And set my hair with my indentical style ! Went downstairs ! Where mama and baba are sitting ! I smiled and mama hand me the tray ! I saw shehry coming down with red eyes ? I mean why his eyes are red ?

I was going to exit the house but shehry stopped by asking me where i'm going ?

"Kidhar ja raha hai sain ? " shehry asked me with a curious tone !

"Samne jo new neighbours hain un k ! " i told him ! His jaw dropped open ! And frowned a lil ! Why is he behaving lil wierd ! He never behaved like this !

So i again start walking out of the house ! And ring the bell of their house ! And when i saw her ! My jaw dropped open ! I was shocked !

Amsal's pov

I was sleeping in the living room on the sofa ! I woke up by the sound of bell ! I tried to ignore it but then i helped my self to get up ! I saw i was having a blanket on me ! And i pillow under my back !

Hayee ruksana ! Itna pyaar na kr mjhse !

I walked towards the door ! And opened it ! I saw a boy about 2 or 1 years older then me ! And looks asian ! His jaw dropped when he saw me ! I check out from toe to head ! He was wearing a flip flop slippers with blue jeans and v neck black shirt ! Then his hair ! His hair was setup like zayan use to do !  My eyes started to become glossy ! I closed my eyes for a sec and think !

Who zayan? Idk any zayan now !

And a smile automatically came on my face ! And i opened my eyes to see him and he was still standing there with his open mouth ! I started to laugh at his condition ! And his expression changed and he frowned a lil ! But i was not to shock coz i know i'm famous and i'm used of it !

After a min i stop laughing ! Yeah i was a goofy person who laughs alot ! And asked him !

"Emmm i'm sorry but how can i help you ? I smiled and my hand through my hair to set !

"Ohh umm ! Hi i'm hussain ! "He told me with giving me SRK's looks but i'm sallu's fan ! And i started to giggle again and his expression changed in to surpise!

"I'm Amsal ! " i told him between my giggle

"I know ! I lived in the front house with my family ! And my mama made some halwa so she thought to send you some ! " then he smiled ear to ear !

"Ohhh ! Come in why are you standing out there ! Come in naaa! " i pulled his arm ! So he came in ! I took tray from his hand and smiled ! He looked all my house i empty the tray and ask him for coffee but he shook his head in a Noo ! 

"Can i ask you one thing ? " i askef him and he nodded !

"How do you know my name ? I asked in a normal way so he don't feel awkward !

" umm wo emmm i'm huge fan of yours and actually i had huge crush on you ! " he said in even breath !

"Ohhh " i replied and smiled at him coz he was kind a sweet and cute !

"Umm asian ? Ryt ? Paki? Indian ? Bangladeshi ? I asked him looking striaght in his eyes! He winked and reply cooly !

"Proud Pakistani "

"Shukaaarrr warna main ne tou socha tha english bol bol k zaban terhi hojaye gi but finally Paki ab hum urdu main baat kr sakte hain ! " i didn't realized but a speak the sentence a lil loud and in one breath !

Now he started to laugh ! And said "zarur muhtarma ! "

Then he started to panic i asked him why ? He replied the he forget that his family was waiting ! I give him the tray and he walked out of the house ! I saw him walking towards his house then i remember i forget to thank him ! I shouted from my door !

"Yo hussain ! He turned around to look! "Halwey k liye apni mama ko thank you kehna mere liye ! Aur please apni family ko leke ana ! He smiled and wave at me i closed the and went inside to wake ruksana ! And saw she was cuming down ! I told her to relax today ! And i started to make breakfast then we ate the breakfast i went to take a shower !

Hussain's pov !

I came in the house and shehry was standing in front of the window! Then looked at me lil angry ! Why is he behaving lil wierd today ? I told mom that i don't want to eat the breakfast coz i was super exicted ! She didn't asked me single question ! I run towards my room and fell on the bed ! And i was giggling !

Pechle 2 saal se Jis ko itni dafa khuwabon main dekha! Google pe dekha ! Insta pe dekhaaa ! Aur aj tou asal main dekha ! Ufffff bht hi khubsorat hai ! Itna kon khubsorat ho sakta hai ? Aj feel huwa k khuwab pureey hote hain ! Jise durr se duniya chahti hai wo aj mere pass hai ! Hayeeeeeeeee !

Then i heard someone coming towards my room's door ! I stand up and try to look cool ! Then the door open i saw it was shehry !

He looked at me and went out ! Why is he behaving lil wierd should i asked him ? Noo he will never tell me coz he thinks i'm teasing him ! But i have to know why is he doing this !

Shehry's pov !

I was watching hussain from the window when he went out i saw her leaning to her house door and smiling ! The way she tell hussain to thank mama for the halwa ! And hussain turned and smiled towards her and waved ! Is there something going in them ? Did she like hussain not me ? Oh God this is not good ! I looked at hussain he was smiling and went in his room then i follow to his room amd saw him standing ! That he usually don't do! I went out coz talking to him is not the way !

Agr hussain aur Amsal ek dusre ko psnd krte hain ? Matlb main beech main araha hun ! Waise bhi wo hussain k liye achi hai mere liye nahi ! Aj se main tmhari taraf nai dekhun ga Amsal ! Tm aj se hussain k liye ! Us se mila k rkhun ga tmhen !

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