13| What have I done?

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20th August 2017

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20th August 2017


1:04 AM

I kept staring at my phone screen as the minutes passed by. The silence of the night being broken, by the occasional calls of dogs and cats or by the rustling of the leaves as the wind whirled around the branches of a tree, in Preeti's garden.

Sleep bade me goodbye, half an hour ago because it got scared of a dream.

"More like a nightmare", I whisper to no one in particular. Everyone's asleep and I feel like a nightguard, keeping a lookout for thieves or ghosts. Suddenly, I feel something touch my hand, in which I held my phone. For a minute, I thought it was a skeleton's hand and pulled my hand back.

However, the hand did not belong to a skeleton. It belonged to Preeti. I got up and looked at her, peacefully snoring with her left arm dropping to the side of her bed, and her legs bent in such a way, that it looked like she was doing a tree pose in bed. Some drools had escaped through her parted lips, which I quickly wiped away, using my thumb. The blanket was already ruffled at her feet, so I straightened it out and tucked Preeti in her bed cautiously so that she wouldn't wake up.

I walked out of her room, and down the hallway. Her house was as big as a small mansion. At the end of the hallway, I found the bathroom and used it. After coming out, I was walking back to Preeti's room, when an open door of a room, caught my attention. I entered the room and saw a sofa lined up against the left wall and a television set attached to the right wall. There were a few tables and chairs here and there which gave me the impression, that this was the living room.

I walked across the living room and opened another door which led me to a balcony, lit up beautifully by the moonlight. The curtains started to dance on the directions of the wind, as I stepped into the balcony. It was a wonderful balcony with small plants and flowers growing in the pots, lined up along the fence. I rested both my arms, on the fence and stared at the moon.


I don't know how long I was standing there until, I heard the sound of footsteps echoing in the room and a soft soothing voice asking me a question," Luka? What are you doing here so late at night?"

I turned around to face the dark-haired girl who was rubbing her right eye with the back of her hand, curled up in a small fist. She opened her eyes fully and looked at me as a small yawn escaped her lips. The moonlight had perfectly lit up Preeti's features and she looked like a goddess of the moon.

Wait what? Stop it, Luka! But, how can I? She looks so beautiful...

"Luka? Is there something on my face?"

I broke out of my night-dream and blinked twice.

"N-Nothing. I m-mean there's nothing on your face", I said and scratched the nape of my neck. This was the second time I had gotten lost in my thoughts. When she had opened the door this morning, I couldn't help but stare and wonder about how cute she looked in her pyjamas.

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