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❝i'm on my way to kill a werewolf

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i'm on my way to kill a werewolf.

┊ ༑ ࿐ྂ。"YOU KNOW, IT'S REALLY NOT THAT BAD ANYMORE," Athena pushes Damon's prodding hands away from her shoulder, glaring as the vampire followed closely behind her.

"It's still not healing, Athena," Damon grits his teeth. "It should've healed by now because of your thing."

She turns to look at him over her shoulder, raising a brow at his choice of words. With a sigh, she continues back up the stairs to her and Stefan's room, doing her best to mentally block out Damon, and wonder if Elijah was going to follow through on his word. "I don't really have this whole goddess thing on lockdown yet, so I don't know what triggers my healing abilities and what doesn't."

Damon sighs, pushing his hair off of his face. "Well, what triggered it before? Do we need to break a bone, or crush a lung– I mean, what's going to get rid of the bite?"

Athena shakes her head. "I don't know. When we got thrown in the basement during the Council's raid, I was burned by the fire, but by the next day it was gone with no scarring. Stefan wrapped it up and babied me all night, but I was fine."

"Maybe that's it, maybe it's a mental thing." He shrugs, clapping his hands together. "Maybe you won't let yourself heal until you know that Stefan is out of the tomb and Elijah followed through with his end of the deal– which, by the way, once you're not actively dying I'm going to yell at you about."

"Listen, I know what I'm doing, Damon. I'm a lot smarter than any of you idiots, including your brother!" Athena nearly throws herself down onto her bed, but stops herself as her shoulder throbs in pain. "Elijah is trustworthy, okay? I promised him I wouldn't touch a hair on Elena's stupid little head, so long as he got Stefan out of the tomb."

"And you think he's going to go through with it?" Damon questions, earning a slight shrug from the girl. "Why does he want Elena safe so bad?"

Athena scoffs. "You know, I could ask you the same thing. I still don't know why we can't just let Elijah ship her off to wherever the hell Klaus is hiding out, and just kill Katherine. No more doppelgängers, no more problems."

Damon groans, practically falling into the chair at Stefan's desk. He rubs his face tiredly, trying to remember when he last slept. Vampires didn't really need it so to speak, but he also wasn't hopped up on human blood at the moment which drained him of energy quickly. "I was trying to do the right thing. Moral compass aside, Elena's pretty much innocent. Every wrong thing she's ever done is so human it's almost disgusting."

"Well stop doing that, the right thing is boring and I already have Stefan's bottomless pool of empathy to battle, alright?" Athena scrunches her face up in disgust, the expression morphing into one of pain as her wound throbs in beat with her pulse.

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