Bella's POV

I woke up and felt emptiness, I felt like a part of me was missing. I went downstairs and grabbed the Lucky Charms from the cupboard. Everyone was in the living room, I walked over and sat next to Nat. "Isn't that his shirt?" Nat asked. I looked down and realized that I was wearing Jacob's shirt. "Shit, it just smells so good and it's so cumfy" "Okay then, we have to leave in three days. So make the last 3 days last" "Okay"

I went into the kitchen to find Maya, Alina, Lola, Laura, and Rose talking. "Hey guys, whats up?" They looked at me wierd. "Okay, I know. I'm wearing his shirt" "Are you guys back together?" Maya asked me hopefully. "If we did, then would I refer to him as him?" Maya looked like she was taking it all in. "So your not back together?" She asked. "No shit sherlock" Rose said, then hitting the back of her head. "I'm not Sherlock, my name is Maya. Its nice to meet you" then sticking her hand in front as if they were to shake hands. (quote: Jason from HSM2) "Nice quoting" Laura comented. "thanks" she responded.

Nat walked in. "Hey, I was wondering if you guys wanted to come to the park with me?" "Will the guys be going?" Lola asked. "no, I just need a breather, away from the guys. They are starting to piss me off" Nat responded.

We all agreed and started walking to the park. "So what happened?" Alina asked Nat. Alina is that girl that always has something nice to say, she is also the only simpothetic one out of all of us. "Just the same old 'manly' shit. All they do all day is eat, sleep, film vines, and play video games." Nat responded.

We got to the park and I got on one of the 2 swings. I started swinging and Nat came behind me and stopped the swing. "I can hurt you" I told her. "I know, but I was thinking that we could play a game." "What game?" "It's called Banana Split" "How do you play?" "Me and Bella will be on the swings, Rose will spin her, Maya will spin me. Then we tangle our feet and all of you go to this side and try and separate us by pushing our legs." Nat explained.

We played with me & Nat on the swings, Rose & Maya, and Laura & Lola. Alina was too scared that she would throw up. We were just goofing around when we noticed 2 people coming towards us. We realized who they were and ran towards the bushes.

"Andrea already has a new boyfriend" Lola said. "How do you know?" Maya asked "She was holding his hand and blushing" Nat said like it was obvious. "Maya, is your brain working?" Rose asked. "I don't know" 

Lola snapped a picture of the two of them and we made it out of the park without them noticing us. "Why do we have to make sure that they don't see us?" Maya asked. "We don't want Andrea knowing that we saw her with her new boyfriend." I said.

We got back to the house and sat down on the couch with the guys. "Hey Lola, can I borrow your phone?" Aaron asked. "Sure" Lola said handing her phone to Aaron. "The password is 9786" Aaron unlocked it and looked at the first thing that he saw. "Lola, what's this?" he said holding up her phone. "That looks like Kenny, doesn't it Gilinsky?" Johnson asked. "Yeah it does, is that Andrea?" Gilinsky responded. "We saw them in the park" Rose said. "Why did you take a picture Lola?" I asked her. "I don't know" she responded. Kian got up from the couch and ran upstairs.

"Wow way to go Gilinsky, you just had to mention her name. Do you know why we refer to Jacob as him?" Johnson said. With the mention of Jacob's name I ran upstairs before I started to cry. I don't want to cry in front of everyone. I ran upstairs and locked myself in my room.

I started crying and playing Nat's music. I'm starting to get used to it and Fourth of July by Fall Out Boy is an amazing song. After a while I heard a knock on my door. "Who are you?" I asked. "It's Johnson" "oh, Why?" "We need to talk" "Okay"

I got up and opened the door. I probably looked like a hot mess. I didn't care, Johnson was just like an older brother to me. He came in and sat on my bed, I sat beside him. "I am really sorry about earlier, I know that he broke your heart and I just want you to know that I am truly sorry." "its okay, I know that you were exlaining it to Gilinsky." "Hug?" he asked "Sure, You will always be the big bro I never had" He looked a little disapointed and he left without a hug. I really needed that hug. "Johnson" I called. He turned around. "I never got that hug" He came over to me and embraced me in his big arms.

I went downstairs with him and we sat on the couch.

Johnson's POV

I knew that I really hurt Bella and I wanted to make a move on her before some random stranger comes along. Like who the hell was that Ethan kid? I went up to her room and all I could hear was I Miss You by Blink 182. I didn't think she liked Blink 182. I knocked on the door "Who are you?" she asked me, harshly. "It's Johnson" "oh, Why?" She sounded disapointed. "We need to talk" I said. "Okay" she responded. 

She opened the door and there was makeup all over her face. I walked over to her bed and sat down, she sat down next to me. "I am really sorry about earlier, I know that he broke your heart and I just want you to know that I am truly sorry." i told her "its okay, I know that you were explaining it to Gilinsky." "Hug?" I asked "Sure, You will always be the big bro I never had" I was disapointed because she just friend-zoned me. I tried not to show the disapointment in my voice.

I got up and walked out. "Johnson" she called. I turned around, "I never got that hug" she explained. I hugged her and smiled, at least she doesn't hate me. this is also the closest I'd ever get to a girl (JK)

i went downstairs and sat down on the couch. "Did you make a move?" Gilinsky asked me. "no, she totally friend-zoned me" 

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