Chapter Thirty-"Anything for my Vivienne"

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Chapter Thirty-"Anything for my Vivienne"

Have you ever had that gut wrenching feeling that made you feel so sick that you weren’t even sure if you were going to be able to wake out of bed? That was how I felt and partly it was because of Dave and the other part of it was that I had to explain to my mother on how my ‘date’ with Dave went. Overall, I was a mess. I looked ill; my skin was pale and had a slightly green tinge to it. My eyes were sunken in and my lips were slightly dry. And yes, I still had my glasses on from late night studying just to keep myself distracted.

I yawned just as my door opened, revealing my mother who looked brighter than the sun itself. She smiled widely at me and I couldn’t help but notice that she was glowing from the inside. Her cheeks were rosy and her eyes bright with cheerfulness. Her short hair looked more chestnut than its usual brunette colour and her movements were graceful. Pulling me into a smothering hug, my mother pulled away and stared at me with a smile so huge that for a second I had to wonder if she was high on some drugs.

“Oh Vivienne,” my mother breathed, “isn’t it wonderful how we all found love?”

I forced a smile to my lips and nodded as I replied, “Yeah…love and all that…stuff of like…uhm mushiness?”

My mother seemed undeterred by my lack of answer as she continued, “Jeff was such a sweetheart. We spoke about everything and anything,” she sighed before staring out of my window, “he’s perfect Viv.”

I smiled a genuine smile. This was what I wanted for my mother; to be happy when I was gone to college. She’d have Jeff and Holly there and I would be as far away from Redwood as possible. I wouldn’t have to see Dave ever again or Amanda seeing as she has taken such an interest in him. Amanda could have gotten any guy she wanted; after all she was model pretty with her long legs and slender frame. She was absolutely beautiful.

“I’m glad mum,” I finally replied, “You deserve love.”

My mother nodded gratefully before she turned the spotlight onto me, “And what happened between you and Dave, you did use protection right?”

“Mum!” I hissed, heat flooding my cheeks.

Chuckling, my mother replied, “Oh you know I’m just teasing Viv.”

I rolled my eyes at her but couldn’t help the small frown that took hold of my lips. My chest ached slightly and I smiled up at my mother to try and force away any sadness that seemed to linger on my features but like always my mother knew me better than I seemed to. Her face took an expression of concern before she took my hands in hers and smiled softly at me.

“What happened sweetie?” she asked.

I bit my lower lip slowly before I sucked in a deep breath and answered, “Dave cancelled our date.”

“Oh don’t worry honey, guys do that all the time,” my mother hurriedly replied.

I shook my head, causing her stop as I replied, “No mum,” my breath shuddered slightly, “he cancelled the date an hour after I sat at the restaurant alone through a text.”

“My poor baby,” my mother cooed as she pulled me into a warm hug then whispered, “I have a jackhammer in my car, do you want to go to his house now and we’ll-”

“Mum,” I cut her off with a small smile, “Thanks but I think I’ll manage fine.”

“Well if you say so,” she answered sounding slightly disappointed, “but if you do change your mind, you just let me know.”

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