Conquistador!Spain x reader

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This was requested by LOTRAttackFairyTail. I forgot what a conquistador was so I had to look it up. Anyway, I hope you like it!


You sat in a tree in deer skin clothing, watching a man wonder around clueless.

Since you were high up, he has yet to notice you.

Your hair blew in your face from the slight breeze.

"Where did they go? The others were supposed to wait for me!" He walked under the tree you were hiding in and sat down.

Might as well help him.

You climbed down the tree and landed right in front of him, sticking the landing.

He jumped slightly and then smiled. His green eyes sparkled and his chocolate brown hair fell over his forehead.

"Who are you chica?" He stood up and held out his hand for you to shake. You just glared at him.

"Do you not speak English?" He put his hands to his side and tilted his head slightly.

"I speak English and my name is _____. What about you?" You asked.

"I am Spain. Why didn't you answer me before?" He sat back down and you sat next to him.

"Your hand."

"What's wrong with my hand?" He looked over it with a confused look.

"Not your hand itself. What you did with it." He blushed a dark red and his eyes went wide.

"I-I don't do that with my hand!" He yelled.

You rolled your eyes.

"Not that you dirty minded fool. I meant when you held it out." You mimicked what he did earlier.

"Oh, that. That is how we greet each other where I come from. We hold out our hands and grab them and shake them. Like this." He softly grabbed your hand and moved it up and down.

"Interesting. We just wave to each other. This way is much more fun." Spain laughed and looked at your (e/c) eyes as you shook his hand.

"Why are you wondering around here anyway?" You asked him.

"Well, I got separated with some of my friends and now I am lost." He looked up at the sky.

"I can help you. Where are you going?"

"Well, I need to get to the Mississippi river. This isn't helping at all." He pulled out a compass and threw it.

"I can get you there. It will take two days time though."

"You can do that for me? That would be great." You flashed him a smile and stood.

"Well it is going to be a long walk so we better start now." He stood and you both started walking.

After about 3 hours of traveling and talking, it started to get dark.

"We have to find shelter. If it rains over night, it will be hard to find somewhere." He looked for a nearby forest.

"I know of a place. Follow me." You grabbed his hand and pulled him along toward a mountain side. Little did you know, Spain was a blushing mess.

When you reached the mountain side, you moved a bush aside revealing a cave.

"Wow. That's pretty neat. How many times have you been here?" He asked, looking for a flint and steel in his satchel to start a fire to keep you both warm overnight.

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