What happens when a girl try to help 5 brothers out so they aint split up on diffrent planes when one of the boys want to repay her back?

I'm on a plane going to Atlanta. I was relaxing and minding my own business when sudenly I heard familiar voices talking to a flight atendent. I looked behind me and I couldn't believe my eyes to who I saw. I saw B5 I was shocked. Then I notice the flight atendent was trying to kick them off the plane because there wasn't enough seats for all five of them to be on the plane. I can hear Dustin telling the man that him and his brothers are not getting split up on different planes. I heard the flight atendent say that two of them got to go on another plane. I looked at the two empty seats next to me right then i got an idea. I got up and walked to where B5 and the flight atendent are. When I got closer I thaught to my self -Damn they are hotter in person and sheesh they are a lot taller in person too-.

"Excuse me sir" I said

B5 looked at me and the flight atendent looked at me annoyed "Hold on I'm dealing with people right now" the flight atendent said.

"What I got to say to you is about what you are talking about to them" I said.

"What do you have to say?" the flight atendent asked in an annoyed voice.

"Well there are two seats by me that no one is siting in so two of them can sit in the two seats." I answerd.

The flight atendent glared at me.

"Fine but only two can sit by you" the flight atenden said while looking a little pissed.

I smiled then turned around and walked back to my seat. When I got to my seat I put my headphones in and played Electrotronic by B5.

After 5 minutes two of the boys sat down next to me. I looked out the corner of my eyes and saw that is was Patrick and Bryan. Sudenly I feel a tap on my right sholder. I looked and saw it was Bryan. I took one of the ear buds out of my ears and smiled at him while trying not to fangirl.

"Thank you for helping my brothers and I out from not having to get split up and go on two different planes." Bryan said.

"You're welcome" I said back with a flirty smile.

He smiled back at me.

"Here take theses" he said.

I looked down and saw what it is. It was a piece of papper.

"What is this" I asked.

"It's my cell and home number if you need me and my bro's for anything just call me but if you call the house ask for Bryan" he answered.

"Oh okay thank you" I said with another smile but this time a friendly smile not a flirty one.

"You're welcome" He said back.

I took out my phone and put his numbers in my phone so i'll have them already in my phone.

"Um can I get yo number so I know its you calling me?" He asked.

"Sure here" I said.

He took his phone out and I told him my number and name and he put it in his phone. Then we stop talking and I kept that one ear bud out just in case someone needed my atention. An hour past and I heard someone walking towards us. I looked out the corner of my eye and saw that is was Dustin.

"Hey how long do we have left untill we get to Atlanta Gorgia?" Dustin asked.

"Man I don't know damn , probably a nother hour or an hour and a half." Patrick answered.

"ight thanks Pat" Dustin said before walking back to his seat.

Twelve minutes later I started to get tired so I fell asleep.

I felt people shaking me and saying "wake up" and saying "we are landed". I open my eyes and saw it was Patrick and Bryan waking me up.

"Thank you for waking me up" I said while waking up fully.

"No problem ma" Patrick said.

I got up and grabed my little bags and then walked off the plane and grabed the rest of them.

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