Chapter 3

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Recap: I walked to my locker and as I was about to open I saw something that made my face go pale and horrification take over my face

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, this can't be happening


Narrators POV

Have you ever been so scared of something that you just wanted to wither out and die right there and then at that exact spot of that illusion? You'd pinch yourself thinking it's a dream, but in truth, it was all the sad reality of life.

Well that was what Livia was feeling right now.

Scared of the little reality infront of her, scared to be at her current spot right now.

Livia stood infront of her locker the blood drained out of her body with nothing left to withstand.

Pictures glued to her locker of her and different guys twice her age having sex, different words sprayed on her locker. Slut, Prostitute, Whore. Every word that could be found in the dictionary of shame.

The sad truth was. Those photos on her locker were actually true. You all may know by now that Livia has a rough life.

It all started on her 13th birthday...



Liv's POV

I quickly slipped out of the house quietly closing the door behind me.

I let out a sigh of relief knowing that I successfully got out of the house without alerting my brother that I was gone.

I made my way happily down the street, I was kinda happy because it was my birthday today. Although no one cares and I have no one to celebrate it with.

I can do that by myself not like I ever had anyone to talk to otherwise from my aunt.

I cleared my mind of the thought and continued walking to the Ice-cream parlor. I was planning on just getting my favourite Ice-cream and then just heading home.

I walked calmly to the parlor listening to the birds that flew past and the calming breeze hitting my face. The sound of cars passing by was loud but at the same time calm in a way.

I stopped when I saw that I was outside the parlor. Looking at the neon lights shining over the entrance. I smiled warmly and entered the parlor.

I started to look around the shop for an empty booth. Finding one in the far corner I made my way over to the seat.

I quietly sat down and pulled out my book from my bag occupying myself with reading while I wait for the waiter.

Pftt that sounds so convenient

"Good evening mam, what may I get you today?"

I looked up from the book I was reading to see an elderly lady staring at me.

"Oh can I please have a chocolate ice cream covered with marshmallow and sprinkles?"

"Coming right up mam" the lady said before walking off.

I turned back my attention to the book I was reading waiting for her to return.

A few minutes later she returned with the ice cream.

I looked at the creamy delight hungerly and I was sure to be drooling at this point.

I said thank you and went to eating the Ice-cream letting out a low moan when I tasted it.

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