Chapter 1

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*Troye's POV*

        My hands were sweaty as we were on the way to the Oakley house. I couldn't remember who this guy was. Mom told me that I used to be head over heels for him. One time, she told me that every morning at 7 am, I would wake up the entire neighborhood, shouting his name. What if he remembers me? What if he doesn't? I didn't know why I was so worked up about this. It's just like getting to meet someone for the first time but, different. My wandering thoughts stopped as Steele put a hand on my shoulder and pat it.

        "You look terrified."

        Fuck. What does that mean? 

        "W-what do you mean?" I stuttered out.

        Steele smirked, "Why are you so scared to meet Tyler? Or should I say Tilly?"

        I could feel my eyebrows rise at his bantering tone. Tilly? I remember the name Tyler Oakley but I don't remember anyone named Tilly. But if I had to be honest, it is a pretty cute nickname for someone named Tyler. I imagined him to be this tall broad boy, with deep blue eyes and blonde hair. I somehow imagined him to also be this stereotypical homophobic jock that beats up smaller kids.

        My eyes widened at the sudden awareness that I am gay. What if he's the stereotypical jock? Mom and Dad met him 2 years ago during a business trip and they said he changed a lot. Ever since, they have been making plans for us to meet again and for some reason, they tease us a lot. My thoughts were broken off when Mom extended her hand that was holding a phone out to me. She was calling somebody. Someone named "Jackie."

        I shook my head and lightly shoved the phone away. She glared at me, and harshly placed the phone on my cheek. My head tilted to keep the phone in place as I heard a voice.

        "Hello? Troye?" said a woman's voice.

            “Y-yes?” I stuttered out.

            “Hi Troye boy! This is Mama Jackie! Do you remember me??” she asked. Her voice was enthusiastic and familiar.

            “Yes, I think,” I giggled. I cursed under my breath for the hesitant response. I mean, I didn’t want her to know that I didn’t remember her. I heard her giggling.

            “Really? I didn’t think you would,” she said jokingly, “Okay well I just wanted to say Hi and oh how much I miss you! You know when you were little; you wouldn’t want to go anywhere unless Tyler was coming! You still have that crush on Tilly?” she asked, in a mocking tone.

            Crush? What crush? Did I have a crush on Tyler Oakley? Does she know I’m gay? I just giggled and I didn’t dare to let myself speak.

            “Are you okay Troye boy?” she asked, her voice concerned and thoughtful.

            Troye boy. What is it with her calling me Troye boy?

            “Yeah, I’m okay. Just tired from jetlag.”

            She giggled, “Okay, well get some rest okay? I can’t wait to see you! And I definitely can’t wait for you to see Tilly again. Uh, could I please talk to your mother?”

            I handed the phone to my mom. They were giggling on the phone and talking about the neighborhood. I started to think about these weird nicknames. Tilly, Troye Boy. They were so cute, and catchy. I don’t remember anyone ever calling me Troye Boy, but it was cute and I liked it, a lot. I started to think about Tyler and his nickname. If I were to be close to anyone named Tyler, I would definitely call him Tilly. It was so adorable and easy to call someone that. My thoughts were broken off when I heard my mom talk about Tyler. She said something about Tyler always asking for the video recorder so he could video him and I playing together. She asked Jackie if she still had the tapes. I couldn’t hear what she was saying, but the thought of looking at old videos of complete strangers who used to be best buds made my heart pace faster. My thoughts of him being the stereotypical jock started to fade when I heard them talking about his purple hair.

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